Let's face it! It's a sexual fantasy for many people. The combination of the risk and exhibitionism makes having sex in public incredibly enticing. There's a number of conditions you can quickly become aroused where waiting till you get to your home is just too long - The sexual tension has been building all night, your significant other just looks too hot, even just getting some good news is enough to make you want to get it on right now. At that moment, location is the key factor which is why we've dived into revealing some of the safe public places to have sex.

10 Safe Public Places for Sex You Would Like to Give a Try


Changing Room

If you are out shopping and get the sudden urge, sneak into a changing room. While this isn't true for all changing rooms, most mid-sized department stores are ideal. They often have doors that go all the way to the floor and the changing room attendants are typical not there or less observant. Just be sure you're not in the lingerie section or juniors section.



Public restrooms are also a safe bet when you just can't wait to get home. When you decide to enjoy a date night out on the town, most dive bars which have secluded restrooms, but you run the risk of getting asked to leave by the bouncer if caught. You can always take advantage of the family bathrooms in malls, airports, and even some bars if you are more timid about getting caught in the act.



If you are driving in a car, then you have the perfect setting for spontaneous love making session. While you won't want to try this while still driving the car, you can easily find a place to pull over. The backseat is probably your best option since you'll have more room, but when you don't want to fumble getting back there, you can make it work in the front seats as well.



If you have a desire for safe public places to have sex that are open spaces and get you a little closer to nature, then find your nearest park. The park can be accessible to you during the day or night but we recommended sticking with evening hours when kids won't be around.



The movies can also offer an opportune time to have sex. Matinee is the best show to catch since the theaters are often empty and prices aren't as much, so if you do end up going at sex, you won't have to worry about wasting your money on a movie you don't actually watch. You can also catch a late show of a poorly rated movie which also increases your chances of an empty theater.



Can't wait for your partner to get back from the office? Why not surprise them there? If you know they have their own private office, why not drop by during his lunch break for a mid-day romp? Just be sure to call ahead to make sure they don't have any meetings planned and you'll want to make sure you keep the noise to a minimum.


Wedding Avenue

For most women, being at a wedding is a huge turn on and depending on the location, you are provided with a number of locations that offer a good amount of privacy. It may seem a little cliché, but when you combine booze, music, and the romantic environment, it's a setting most women just can't resist.



Spending a day at an amusement park or vacationing in Disneyland? If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can try to find a private or secluded area to have sex. Don't attempt this on any of the rides since any theme park will have many cameras position everywhere. But there are some private places that can provide you the perfect opportunity.


Photo Booths

Photo booths can provide you a private setting as an option for safe public places to have sex. Most shopping malls still have them, but you'll want to go once the mall has just opened or right before closing. To pull this off, the reverse cowgirl positions will be the least suspicious.



Do you and your partner workout at the same gym? Take advantage of their sauna for a hot and steamy session. Plan your workout closer to closing time so when you are done, you can head on into the sauna as everyone is heading out for a quick cool down.


While the right location is the most important aspect of having sex in public, there are a few others things to keep in mind because while getting caught is part of the excitement, you don't actually want to get caught and these tips will help you avoid it.

  • Think about the time of day before you get at in a public place. You don't want to be rolling around behind a bush in the park at noon and key the kids or parents an accidental free show.

  • Be aware of how the colors of your clothes will stand out in the surroundings.

  • Go commando. You don't want to be wasting time fumbling around with getting your panties out of the way, so either doesn't wear them at all or try to take them off prior to your public escapade.

  • Chances are your public place won't be the ideal place to lie down, so you'll have to prop yourself up or against whatever is around you.

  • Foreplay is out of the question. Your time is limited no matter which of the safe public places to have sex you choose, so you need to just go straight for the home run and leave the foreplay for home.

  • You want to keep it quiet. Moaning, screaming, yelling in bliss will only attract passerby who might think you need to be rescued, which will completely ruin the mood.

  • You're not in the movies, so try not to recreate something you've seen in all those films.

  • The worst case scenario is you get caught, so you'll want to have some kind of an excuse, no matter of ridiculous it might be.


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