Sex is still one of those subjects that some individuals are comfortable talking about while others will blush about. While the topic of sex and sexual acts is no longer a shocking subject matter, you might be surprised by how other parts of the world still view sex. These shocking sexual traditions from around the world will show just how taboo the act of sex is in many countries while how others encourage it.

Unbelievable Sexual Traditions from Around the World


Ancient Egypt

In the earlier years, the Egyptian believed the flow of the great Nile River was the result of Atum's ejaculation, who was the creating god. The pharaohs would masturbate into the Nile as a ritual because of this belief. The act of self-stimulation was also performed by all men during the festival of God Min. This God represented the Pharaoh’s sexual potency and it was common for men to publicly masturbate at this time.


Siwa Tribe

In the Siwa Tribe in Egypt, homosexuality is prominent. It is common for same-sex marriages to take place and men who do not act gay in the tribe are often considered outcasts to other members of the tribe.


Guajiro People

In Columbia, the Guajiro people take part in a ceremonial dance. During this dance, if a woman was to accidentally or intentionally trip a young man while performing the dance, the two must have sex with one another.



The holiday Pon, celebrated in Indonesia, is a celebration where many travel to the sacred mountain Java. Here is a ceremony that is performed which is thought to bring about good fortune to those who participate. During the ceremony, a person is supposed to have sex with someone who is not their husband or wife. This holiday is celebrated about seven times through the year and in order to actually reap the benefits of having good fortune, you must sleep with the same person every time. It may not be one of the most shocking sexual traditions from around the world, but it is not a tradition many would be able to follow through with.


North-Eastern Siberian

In order to prevent women from engaging in any sexual acts before marriage, the girls of north-eastern Siberia are required to wear chastity belts. While there are the metal lock and key type belts, most people will think of they are uncomfortable. These belts are made from a heavy leather material and more like a bulky trouser pant.


Peruvian Tribes

The Peruvian Indians, as well as countries in Eastern Africa, take drastic steps to preserve a young girl's virginity. In these areas of the world, the girl's labia majora is partially sewn together so only a small opening remains that will allow for urination. This practice is done to reduce the urge in young girls from wanting to have sex until they are properly married.



Unlike most areas around the world, where they try to take measure to prevent sex before marriage, the Trobrianders tribe in Papua Guinea actually encourages the act of sex. Children of this tribe begin having sex as early as the age of six for the girls and ten for the boys. While having sex is not taboo in this culture, sharing a meal with someone of the opposite sex is looked down upon until they are married.



In Mozambique, they have a no kissing rule. Individuals are not allowed to kiss one another because the act of swapping saliva is revolting, but public or ritualistic sex is not a problem.


African countries

This is one of the shocking sexual traditions from around the world that is practiced not just in 27 different African countries, but also in the Middle East, parts of Asia, and Yemen. Female genital mutilation is a practice that many of these countries perform in order to prevent women from cheating on their husbands. The practice involves using a razor blade to remove the external genitalia, which is also done without the use of anesthesia. It results in the woman not taking pleasure in having sex which will reduce the risk of her having sex with anyone but her husband.


Mardudjara Aboriginal

In Australia, there are tribes that practice a ritual circumcision for a boy to reach manhood. During this ritual, the foreskin is cut off and the boy is to eat it and then the penis is cut lengthwise along the underside. The blood is then purified by dripping it over a fire. This practice results in the boy only being able to urinate from the underside of the penis, instead of the urethra.



In the Himalayas, the Nepalese people practice what is called fraternal polyandry. Here the brothers all share the same wife in order to avoid having to split their land among different families. When all the brothers share the same wife, all their sons will live together and they do not have to worry about dividing up their family land among each other.



In the Taoist and Tantric beliefs, sex is not discouraged but instead looked at as a way to heal many ailments. It is thought that different positions and rhythms of having sex can heal certain imbalances throughout the body. Have you ever heard about these shocking sexual traditions from around the world?


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