Do you often find it hard to have a meaningful conversation with your girlfriend? Does she seem uninterested in what you have to say? You’re probably talking about the wrong things. After all, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. If you really want to spice up your conversations, below are some of the things to talk about with your girlfriend.

Things Girls Love To Talk About


Fashion Trends

Girls love to talk about fashion – what’s hot for the season and who is wearing what. Girls can chat for hours about trendy shoes, accessories, clothing and fashion trend. Fashion trends in magazines, videos and social media. She’ll be more than impressed if you have an opinion about it and don’t just agree with everything she says.


Celebrity Gossip

When’s the last time you checked out the gossip column in your daily tabloid? Girls are crazy about the latest celebrity news because it plays to their fantasy of being in the social circles of celebrities. They want to know who is dating who, which celebrity couple just broke up, and who just had a baby. You can start your conversation by saying something like “You won’t believe who Tom Cruise is dating…” You can be sure you’ll have her attention.


Designer Products

Whether young or older, women love designer products. Whether it’s perfume, clothing, jewelry or makeup, they’ll be interested in hearing what you have to say. Take time to learn about the designer products your girl is interested in and bring them up when you’re lazing around at home or out on a dinner date. You can bet she’ll have something to say about it.



If you want to capture the attention of a girl, you can never go wrong with shopping ideas. Girls talk about the latest shopping spree, and new beauty shops in the market. A girl is often looking for discounts and special gift items for family and friends. If you know where or how to get the best discounts, then that right there is a topic she’ll be whetting her appetite for.


Embarrassing Moments

This is not a conversation you can bring up with a stranger or someone you don’t feel comfortable around. However, your girlfriend would love to hear about your most embarrassing moments. It’s probably very funny and it will help build your relationship since you’re sharing a part of you that you’d not share with anyone else.



You’ve probably heard her say “ooh, she is so cute!” whenever they’ve come across a cute baby. Most girls think babies are adorable and are most likely looking forward to the day they’ll get their own if they don’t already have one. If she loves babies, then talking about having a baby one day is right up her alley.



What’s the latest gossip around town? You can bet she wants to know all the juicy stories going round. So if you have a hunch about any scandals involving people you both know or celebrities. Bring it up in conversation and you won’t be running out of things to talk about with your girlfriend.



Like everyone else, girls love to talk about themselves. Give them an opportunity to share something about their day or their goals. They can talk endlessly. Avoid conversations that focus too much on you and give them a chance to express their opinions and share their experiences.



Every girl has dreams and goals. Who better to share them with than her boyfriend? You should encourage her to talk about her ambitions and aspirations. It will show that you’re interested in a future together and that you care about her welfare.


Your Past

It is always exciting to talk about your past with your significant other. However, don’t get caught up in talking about your exes. By understanding your past, you develop a stronger connection and they’re able to understand the little things that make you who you are.


Favorite Vacation Destination

Everyone loves taking vacations. What’s your favorite spot? Where have you always wanted to go? These are some of the things you should share with your girlfriend. She’ll have a lot to say about it as well. Describe the amazing places you’ve visited and what you experienced. Give a detailed description of the things you saw. In her mind she’ll be visualizing the experience and taking the journey with you.


Her Role Models

Who does she look up to? This is one of the things to talk about with your girlfriend. Not only will she enjoy the conversation, you will also get some insight into what she wants to become and who she really is. This is a great way to keep the conversation going while learning more about them.


Friends And Family

Is she close to her family? Talk about them. Ask her about her she related with family members as she was growing up. Is she a daddy’s girl? How close is she with her siblings? Talk about your family and friends as well.



Any chance your girlfriend is a sports fan? Find out and get her talking about her favorite team and players. This is a great conversation when you’re seated at home lazing around.


Politics And News

You can have a fruitful discussion on politics, global affairs and what’s happening around you. You’ll get an inkling of what she thinks about what’s happening around the world and discover things about her you might never have known.


Share Your Secrets

Want to know the things to talk about with your girlfriend? Your girlfriend wants to hear about your deepest secrets. If you tell her about things you wouldn’t tell anyone else, it shows that you trust her and are looking to build a future together. She will also feel more comfortable around you and will be willing to share her secrets as well.


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