Some couples follow the theory of ‘one and done’, while some want a perfect family with two kids. The hectic routine, challenges of monthly budget and above all, sleep deprivation, all force the couples to put a full stop after two kids. But there are many with more thoughts about their family planning. Their minds are always struggling with confusing questions like ‘should I have a third child’. Let us help you a bit to get to the right answer.

Pros of Having a Third Child

Here are all the good reasons that can force you to give a second thought to your self-imposed kid-limit.

  • More Kids, More Love!

The addition of a new baby would bring more love in your life. Not only would you love him but the new soul would also love you back like crazy. It would be a fuller house filled with laughs and gags.

  • An Emotional Roller Coaster

You can rekindle those moments when you had those tearful eyes while breastfeeding that little angel. If you miss that feel, you should opt for another one.

  • No Empty Nest for a Few More Years

Kids grow up and get busy in their lives. All you are left with, is an empty nest. Having another baby would surely give you additional years filled with special moments, to store more beautiful memories.

  • Your Kids Would Love to Play Elder Siblings

You will bring the opportunity for your first two kids to play the role of elder siblings (they will be more responsible now). They will have someone who will look upon them with love and respect. Even your kids would love to have a little master.

  • They Can Share Clothes

When asking yourself, ‘should I have a third child’, know that you can adjust your budget by buying more unisex clothes. Your kids can simply share them. You wouldn’t have to buy more for the new baby.

Cons of Having a Third Child

Some points that verify the self-imposed child limit.

  • No ME Time!

We plan big things in life and aspire for great achievements. Much of it does not seem possible with a baby on your lap. If you too have been up to something big, this third baby would demand a sacrifice of about 6 months to one year at least. Think well before you leap.

  • More Sleepless Nights

After raising your elder kids, you finally get your sound sleep back. With the third child, you’re going to welcome more sleepless nights and dark circles (a zombie-like version of you)

  • The Smaller, the Merrier!

Having more kids is not always about love. There would also be moments of conflicts, hate and disagreements. So, having third child could turn your place into a loud house.

  • It Would Cost You MONEY and TIME

Yup! You can’t raise your baby without using a big part of your money and time. Are you OK with that?

  • Pregnancy Issue

Should I have a third child? The question is not as simple as it sounds. By the time we opt for third child, most of the women are close to their 40s. It’s a stage where you may have complications in pregnancy. Decide wisely.

  • Saying No to Alcohol

Can you say goodbye to your favorite wine for the whole 9 months? You’d have to, even if you can’t.

Things to Consider Before Making Final Decision

Before making your final decision about having your third baby, here are a few realistic and hard hitting questions along with suggestions to guide you. Read them and ask yourself, whether or not you are ready to accept things as they’d come after having your third baby.

Are You Mentally Prepared for Another Pregnancy?

It’s one of the most important questions that every woman, who wishes to have another baby, should ask herself. Once you are pregnant, you would have regular meeting with doctor, blood tests, nausea and swollen ankles and horrible maternity gowns. And most of all, the pain of labor. Be prepared for that—both mentally and physically.


Are You Ready to Start Over Again?

Do you have enough energy? You will have the responsibility of a new little person. There would be more arguments, more yelling, risks of choking hazards, more mess, more laundering, more stress and less sleep. You’d be busier again. Your partner may feel rejected, even your other two kids may feel the same. If you’ve got the strength to face that all, you shouldn’t feel confused whether or not should I have a third child. Just go for it.


Does Your Budget Allow You Another Kid?

We often get emotional and make hasty decisions of having another baby without having much idea about the expensiveness of a baby. Initially, you’d have to go through the expenses of all the baby stuff (feed, diapers, baby daycare). There are many other long-term expenses like their schooling and tuition expenditures. Are you stable enough to do that equally for all three kids?


Do You Have Enough Space?

You should have a spacious house that can accommodate a family of five in the best way. The same rule goes with your car. Would there be enough place for a new person in your car?


Can You Sacrifice Your Freedom?

If you are a couple who loves to go on outings and date nights, you must give a second thought to this decision. After another baby, it wouldn’t be possible. If you opt for a baby sitter or a full-time nanny, it would cost you more. As long as you have enough savings for it, it’s a great decision, otherwise it’s not. Remember, a new baby may change your lifestyle.


What’s the Age of Your Other Two Kids?

To do everything in a balanced way, it is important to have your elder kids over the age of 3 to 4. When they are partially independent, things would be a lot easier for you to manage.


Are You Satisfied with Your Current Family Dynamics?

How do you feel when you look at your family of four? Do you find it perfect or do you feel like something is missing? Whatever you feel, it would help you in finding the right answer.


Conclusion: To cut the long story short, if your answer is YES, for all the questions asked above, and none of it puts you off, you should simply go for the third child. And if most of the answers come in negative, you should no longer ask yourself, should I have a third child. In the end, decision is YOURS.


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