This is surely the most critical apprehension for every lady - “whether he loves me or not? Or is he serious with our relationship?” Well, there are guys who pretend to love you so much without really having any serous intention. But on the other hand, there are also guys who love you from the depths of their heart, but are not willing to express it. Making a judgment about love would sound too hard and unsatisfactory. But in any case, every man shows some signs unknowingly – the signs he loves you deeply. And once you get along with these signs, things will be much easier. Now, here are the 20 signs that explain the intensity of his love.

  • He replies your messages instantly: He will never make you wait for his reply if he truly loves you. Because he knows that waiting for someone’s reply is such a frustrating thing. In fact, he would keep checking his inbox every now and then for your messages.

  • He will try to adapt to your interests: Well, he may not act like he is completely comfortable with your interests and tastes. But of course, if he tries to cope up with your interests, he is really interested in you. He will surely respect your likes and dislikes.

  • He pays all due respect to the lady in you: Every lady wish to be treated with respect, with care, with attention and love. And if he really loves you, he will surely treat you like a person he considers to be most important. You will naturally feel the comfort and security in his presence.

  • He is fond of your natural look: Unlike girls, boys are mostly attracted to looks. But the feelings based on looks fade away soon. If he admires your beauty even without any make up or grooming, that means he loves you the way you really are.

  • He is proud of talking about you: When he talks with his friends, he is so proud and enthusiastic of talking about you. No matter how small your achievements or background be, he always take pride in sharing them with others. So the next time you hang around with your friends, see how he talks about you with others.

  • He is crazy about surprising you: Whether it is your birthday, your anniversary or Christmas, he never misses to wish you, along with an unexpected gift. And he is so fond of giving you surprises to amuse you.

  • He would do anything to make you laugh: This is one of the sure signs he loves you deeply. He won’t mind acting foolish just to make you laugh. Your emotions are important to him, that he is trying his best to keep you entertained and happy.

  • He is excited about your dreams and passions: If he truly loves you, your dreams will never be looked down at by him. Indeed, he encourages you to chase your dream and stay focused on your goals. He will be a real motivation for you, and you will feel more inspired with his advices and opinions.

  • He is so patient in listening to you: Well, every girl needs a man with whom she could share all her feelings, thoughts and dreams. And most of the boys do not show any patience in listening to all these stuff. But if he shows so much of interest in listening to you, that means he really cares about you.

  • He is honest: If a guy is serious about the relationship, he will try to share everything. He wishes to know if you are ready to accept him as he truly is. He won’t have anything to hide from you.

  • He is no more concerned about ‘ex’s: A guy with serious intentions for you will leave all the contacts with his ex-girlfriends. He is no more concerned about what they do. His world has reduced just to you and him.

  • He wants to know about you in depth: In his eye, you could feel an unstinted desire to know you in depth. He is so curious that he is closely watching everything you do, with so much of eagerness and excitement. And if he shows such a great desire to know you better, that’s one of the best signs he loves you deeply.

  • He has introduced you to his friends and family: Well, he does not want your relationship to be a secret. He tries to push you into his friends and family circle, so that he may know if you could get along with them. Moreover, he considers you to be an achievement he wants to boast with his friends and family.

  • He tries to make a good impression on your family and friends: The next time you introduce him to your family or friends, see how he acts. If he tries his best to build a good impression, that means he is really interested; not just in you but your family and friends too.

  • He does not rush into physical relationship: A guy in serious love will never rush into building a physical relationship. He waits for the right time. He tries to build an intimacy so that you are completely comfortable with him.

  • He never makes you wait: He is always punctual with you. This means you really mean something to him, that he never wants to make you waiting for him. And he is ready to compromise all the other schedules to find time for you.

  • He gives you freedom: He knows that you need some space and time to be spent with your friends and family. Rather than being so possessive, he gives you so much freedom to spend your time with your close buddies.

  • Emotional stability: A man’s life is full of ups and downs which also include moments of stress, tensions and frustrations. But he ensures that, none of these feelings affects his attitude towards you. Indeed, you see the same person irrespective of his emotional status.

  • He talks from the bottom of his heart: When it comes to talking about your future or his feeling to you, he is serious and really means what he says. Rather than being funny or playful, he expresses his boldness and passion towards you.

  • He treats you like a close friend: Well, being friends while in relationship is important. And if you can see a friendship growing between you two, that means your relation is getting mature. And if he puts efforts to establish a friendship, that’s one of the signs he loves you deeply.


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