Men and women both take pleasing their partners in and out of the bedroom seriously. Men need to know they have satisfied their partner in the bedroom so their ego isn't hurt, but many find it difficult to know if they have done a job or not. At the same time, women aren't always easy to read in telling if they are completely satisfied or not and leave their partners question whether it was good for them or not. Luckily, there are plenty of signs that can let you know if she's feeling the same bliss as you do.

Signs of a Sexually Satisfied Woman

Many believe that when women have multiple orgasms, it clearly indicates that they are being satisfied, but this is not always the case. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a woman's pleasure as listed below. And this begins by giving her the sexual pleasure that she desires and while driving her crazy in bed.

She's Making Noises

She doesn't have to be screaming at the top of her lungs and most often the little moans and groans are clear indications that she likes what you're doing. If she lets out a sigh and tightens her grip when you kiss her neck or gives out a few soft moans during foreplay, chances are these sounds will intensify as you keep going. So pay attention to the noise she is making, if it sounds as though she is just making them to stroke your ego, try something else that will really get her moaning uncontrollably.


She Keeps Making Eye Contact

Making eye contact while you are making love is a clear sign that she feels connected to you and is loving everything she's feeling. Eye contact can intensifying any love making session and is an easy way to gauge how much she is enjoying herself. The eye is one of the most attractive body parts during lovemaking because they are very expressive and you can sure know a lot from her eyes.


She Is More Relaxed

Pay close attention to her breathing during your lovemaking for signs of a sexually satisfied woman. It can take some time for women to become more comfortable in the bedroom, so it's difficult for her to simply let loose and enjoy every minute. When she has become more comfortable in the act, you can tell by the way she breathes. As her pleasure increases, her breaths will become quicker and shorter. She may even gasp for air a few times when you do something she really enjoys.


She's Taking More Initiative

Women rarely take initiative in the bedroom at first, but when women are being satisfied in the bedroom, they will be more courageous about letting you know what turns her on. Not only will she regular jump on you, she will be more open about guiding you by arching her back or holding tightly to you to move in the same rhythm.


She Loves Kissing You

She just wants to kiss you and never wants to stop. Women who are satisfied sexually will also keep the momentum going out of the bedroom. If she can't keep her lips off yours, then embrace it fully and maybe even show her some new things she hasn't experienced yet.


She Flirts More Afterward

If she is satisfied, she will act more innocently and as flirty ones after the climactic point. This is her way of letting you know she is incredibly happy with the experience and wants nothing more than to be cuddly and flirty. This is one of the signs of a sexually satisfied woman you'll want to embrace and be sure to make it happen again.


She Sends You Dirty Texts

When you have done you job greatly in the bedroom, she may start acting like a whole new woman. She becomes a sexually aroused woman eager to give you praises and isn't afraid to talk dirty during your text conversations. This is her way of showing you not only how much she likes what you do, but also how much she appreciates it. She'll also use these texts to turn you on and get you amped up, which will surely set in the mood for the next time you see each other.


She Gives You Compliments

She might give you some subtle hints that she thinks you're amazing in the bedroom, but she'll also compliment you in many other ways. She wants you to know that you're special in every way not just in the bedroom. If she has started to compliment more things about you and let you know how great she thinks you are, chances are you have made her feel so great when you're making love.


Additional Signs She's Satisfied

Aside from the previous signs, there are some physical signs that are a clear indication that she's enjoying herself in the bedroom. Some of these physical signs include:

  • Some women have a tendency to cry after an orgasm. This is because of the intense wave of feelings and emotions that get released after she climaxes.

  • She literally cannot walk. When her legs are trembling or shaking uncontrollably, this is a sure fire sign that you have pleased her incredibly in the bedroom.

  • She'll want to sleep. This is one of the signs of a sexually satisfied woman that most men tend to feel as well. While some women are re-energized after a sexual encounter, if it was completely satisfying, she'll need to take a nap afterward.


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