Excitement, fear, curiosity or whatever the feeling be, supernatural stories are always fun and thrilling. Since my childhood, I have been a great fan of horror stories; maybe because I had a few experiences myself. Then I used to gather horror stories from everyone I knew. Well, now I have grown up and I believe I have the best collection of it. And it’s always been my pleasure to share those stories with others. Okay, now let’s look at some of my favorite stories that I got from my friends and people I met online.



It was our first day in our rented apartment. I was sleeping with my sister and both of us were really tired. I believe it was about 12 in the midnight; I woke up noticing some unusual noise in the room. I heard someone breathing very deeply and fast. I was observing myself for a while to see if it was just my feeling. Then my sister turned to me asking “did you hear that?”. It’s the time we came to realize that it’s real. We saw a tall person standing right in front of us. By this time I reached to turn on the lights. And when the lights were on, the figure just disappeared. No such incidents happened afterward. But we didn’t stay there because of the fear. We shifted to another apartment within a couple of weeks.



I used to stay with my boyfriend at his house. But whenever I was alone, all these spooky things happened. Sometimes I hear knocks on the door, and when I reach to see who it is, there would be no one. I used to convince myself that somebody was making fun of me. But then sometimes I heard footsteps of someone walking inside the house. It was really loud and real. Once I told this to my boyfriend and he just made fun of me. I had no means to convince him as all these happened only when I was alone. Soon we left the house when he got a new job in a neighboring city.



My friend’s house is more than 100 years old. It is a huge mansion with a lot of rooms and corridors. And my friend used to tell that it’s haunted and whenever some guests stayed at the house, the ghost used to appear. I didn’t believe in ghost then and I made a bet with him. He challenged me to spend a single night in the house. The night I stayed there, I slept on the couch in the hall. By the time it was around 1, I felt some shining thing pass across my eye. I woke up and saw a little girl passing by, holding a candle. She was wearing a white gown. I stood up and watched for a while. I was not afraid by frozen and confused. Well, for the sake of bet, I thought not to tell him. But soon I heard a whisper from behind; “Don’t worry it won’t disturb anyone”. It was him.



One of my friends named Anna lived with another girl named Christine. Both of them used to sleep in the same bedroom. It was Anna herself who told me this incident. One day both of them were sharing some supernatural stories and slept late. Both of them were extremely afraid. And at around 2 am, Christine wanted to go to the toilet. She was so afraid to go alone that she took Anna too. Anna waited outside and Christine came back in few minutes. Both of them slept and in the morning when Anna woke up, she saw that Christine was not there. As she reached the toilet, it was closed from inside. She knocked many times and no reply was there. She broke the door with the help of the neighbors and saw Christine dead in the toilet. She slipped and struck the head against the floor. After the post mortem, it was reported that she was dead at around 2 am.



When I was a child, I used to sleep alone. My parents used to lock the door from outside and their room was very next to mine. I had the habit of peeing twice or thrice in between the sleep. I hated turning the lights at night that I used to navigate without lights. One day while I was moving to the toilet in the dark, I felt like stepping over someone’s foot. Soon I stretched my hands to see if someone was there. I was damn sure that nobody is inside it, but as I stretched out my hand, someone caught my hand and crossed my fingers. Without thinking for another second, I screamed and tried to get out of the room. I knocked at the door with all my energy and my dad came within a minute. From that day I haven’t slept alone.



It was 3 in the evening and I was hanging around with my girlfriend in a park. It was an old park and there were very little visitors. We saw an old man whom we asked to help us take some photos. He took a couple of shots with our camera and gave it back. While I was checking the camera and my girlfriend trying to find a candy from her bag, the man disappeared and was not seen anywhere around. After a couple of weeks, we got the photos from the studio. And in the photo that this old man took, we saw him standing right behind us. I still have the photo in my album. I have searched for that man everywhere, but not even a trace was found. Till now I don’t believe in supernatural stories, but this incident remains a mystery.



Since this incident, I am scared of attics. I was a child then, about the age of 7. My grandparents used to warn me not to go to the attic. Well, as a child I always had this natural curiosity to see what’s in it. One day when I was playing in the upstairs, I made up my mind and decided to check out the attic without anyone seeing. I had a small torch light with me that I took from my mom’s shelf. The attic was so dark, and there were so much old stuff kept there. It was full of dust and cobwebs. Soon I heard a noise and I turned the light towards the sound. It was a person with blood coming out of the mouth, nose, eyes and ears. He asked me “you are not supposed to be here, aren’t you?”. I screamed like anything and ran out of the attic. Later my grandparents told me that it was a ghost of a carpenter who died while building that house.



Last year I bought a car from one of my friend’s relative. The first trip I had with the car was a date with my girlfriend. We had a lovely date and I was driving her home. It was late, around 11:30 pm. The road was empty and I hardly saw any car in 5 minutes. Soon I noticed some movement in the back seat through the rear view mirror. When I looked into the mirror, I saw a lady sitting on the back seat. I thought it was an illusion as I never believed in supernatural stories. So, I tried to pull my attention away by playing the radio. It was hard to do it, then my heart started beating stronger and faster. I was ashamed to tell my girlfriend as she knew I don’t believe in all this ghost stuff. Within a minute we reached her home and I dropped her. I had no choice but to return to my home. So I drove back and after a minute the lady disappeared. While I looked through the mirror to confirm that I saw a movement near me. She was right in the front seat. And now she is staring right at me. I couldn’t resist looking at her. And within a second I heard a loud horn. I knew it was a truck, but I was frozen and couldn’t make a move. The next thing I could remember was me lying in the hospital bed. I came to know from my friend that the car was haunted and I sold it soon.


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