Being human, we all have needs that we need to satisfy, like hunger, thirst, and the thirst for a good sex… but what makes a sex good or bad? If you have ever wondered whether you’re good in bed or bad, and whether you are doing everything ‘right’, then there are some things not to do during sex that you must remember to avoid. Sex is in itself natural and pleasing, so instead of looking for uncountable ways to being good in bed, just set your behavior during sex right to make it all better.

Guys, Don't Do These Things During Sex


Don’t Act Bored

If you are enjoying it, show it. Let your partner know. Don’t act like you are just there having sex with them simply because you had nothing else to do. Sex is a time to feel good and no one ever feels good about it without making the partner feel good as well, so don’t turn your partner off by looking dull and uninterested after a while. A good way to tell them you’re having a good time, too, is by action.


Don’t Interrogate

It is natural and even hot to ask your partner whether they like what you’re doing, and they most probably would say ‘Yes’ every time, but being good in bed is an art and asking too many questions about the act while in the act can ruin its essence. It may even bore the other person because, hey, let’s admit it, we like to relax our minds while our bodies work, and answering those questions just distracts the mind sometimes.


Don’t Be a Starfish

Among the things not to do during sex, this is the most common mistake that people make. Starfishing means that one partner does all the work while the other just lays back and enjoys. It may be because that partner is inexperienced or not too confident to take action, but it comes across as being selfish as you take all the pleasure and don’t make an effort to give any.


Don’t Answer Your Phone

Oh, for heaven’s sake! Keep your phones away, people. Nothing can turn your partner off more than you getting off them to answer a friend’s call or text back. Why even bother checking your phone when you’re having such an amazing time satisfying yourselves? Plus, checking your phone during sex can even signal that you are not quite enjoying it, which may be offensive.


Don’t Be Too Shy

It is humane to feel shy and nervous when we have those whole lot of butterflies fluttering inside our bellies with so many feelings firing up in such an intimidate time, but then again, you and your partner have to work together to make this time together worthy. Don’t waste it by being too insecure or self-conscious.


Don’t Protest

It is a game of two, and in this game, each other’s pleasure is equally important to one’s own pleasure. Therefore, when your partner says or expresses the want for anything during sex, like, say, condoms or lights off, just do it without whining about it. Don’t kill the mood. It is in your best interest to compromise, because this is the way to your happy ending.


Don’t Criticize

Obviously, your partner’s and your sensations are heightened during sex, so it is a foolish idea to tell her that she needs to work on her blowjob skills, or that he needs to try to last longer. We get it, and we know there is constructive criticism, but if you offer any sort of criticism during such a time, it will not only weaken your experience of the deed, but also your mutuality. The better option is to do it AFTER sex, and say it in a friendly manner.


Don’t Check the Time

Time is a funny thing, and it passes differently for all of us. It is different even for two people on the same bed. When you are having sex with your partner, some reminders of running late for something might pop up and you may want to see the time, but it is one of the things not to do during sex because it makes the partner think that you are literally waiting to get done and away from them.


Don’t Finish Too Quickly

All good things take time, and what ends too fast is a good thing wasted in its pure beauty. Premature ejaculation is a very common problem among men and many couples complain that their sex lives are affected by this, so try to masturbate an hour before you go out with her. Also, knowing when to slow down your thrusts can help a lot in delaying orgasm. Thinking of things that turn you off is also a good idea, but don’t overdo it. You want to delay ejaculation, not the session.


Don’t Take Forever

When we say don’t ejaculate too fast, don’t make the mistake of misinterpreting us and take too long, instead, ejaculate when you should – when you’re both at the highest peaks. Look for signs that tell how aroused she is, and ejaculate just when it comes. Also, sometimes men don’t ejaculate at all, and there is nothing to worry about there. Just take it out, then, and tell her you enjoyed.


Don’t Thank

This may be a surprise but it isn’t a very good idea to thank your partner during sex, unless you are thanking them for something else – like a gift or something. We say this because thanking a person for sex is likely to make them feel used, and make you look like you have not had sex in a long, long time.


Don’t Be Too Dominating

Men are often the drivers in bed, and women love that dominance that men have during sex. It is hot, but only when it is domination and not commanding. The difference is, if you tell your lady to do something you both have done before, she is more likely to enjoy it, but commanding her to do something she isn’t very comfortable with the last time you did it (or something completely new for her) is one of the things not to do during sex. Instead, strike a balance.


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