Women, no matter how pure and angelic they might be, are also pretty little liars. It does not mean that all women are untrustworthy, but it does mean that even the most honest women will lie about some particular things that they fear might cause hurt. Sometimes, situations ask for little made up excuses because fear takes over morality. Then do you know common things women lie about? Check the list below and next time you hear them, double check your senses to know when to trust and when to not.

Things Women Will Lie About More Commonly Than You Know


Almost Caught!

When you walk in, finding her and her new guy friend leaning too close to each other on the couch, or when you see her drunk and stumbling out of a man's bedroom in a party, what do you think? That's obvious. However, when you confront her, she says, "Nothing happened, babe! I swear!" Well, even though there is a chance that nothing happened, but depending on the situation, it is most commonly a lie.


The Guy Friend

When women have male best friends, it can be a major cause of suspicion and insecurity for their boyfriends. Even if you never cared about this because you trust your girl fully, then there is always the fear that the guy friend might stir things up. If your girl is often keeping her conversations with him hidden from you, or if he is openly too comfortable with her, then her statement "We are just friends." may be deceiving you. 


Faking Age

Once women grow past the age of 30, they start worrying that they are going to start aging soon. In the hopes of holding on to their youth that they think is going by too fast, they try to hide their age and lie about it. For instance, a woman who is actually 33 years old might tell you that she is 28. It is not a harmful lie unless it becomes an issue.


You Did Nothing Wrong

Let's face it. No man has ever walked the grounds of the world without having at least once faced the problem of a girlfriend who is mad at him but won't admit it. Even though you're glad that she is not bursting up in your face when you can't even remember what you did wrong, it does make it awkward as she would give you silent treatment, sarcasm, ignorance, and all of this while smiling as she turns red with anger.


Just You...

One of the famous things women lie about is the number of partners they have had. You have been dating her for quite enough time to be comfortable with her. You want to get to know her more and more, and this might transition into questions about the past. Even though every woman hides if she has had more than one partner, men need to perceive them accordingly.


Your Family

Even though women love meeting the guy's family, and despite how much pressure and nervousness they go through before meeting your mom for the first few times, your family will not always like her or love her as their own. Surprisingly, even though your girl claims she loves your family and is so eagerly waiting for the next family dinner, she is lying through her teeth. Not always, but usually, this is the case.


Not That Expensive

When they say diamonds are women's best friends, it is not because of beauty but because of its immensely luxurious values. Women love being well-maintained, and for that, they love spending money on themselves. Most women hide from their partners what their luxurious closet assets are actually costing, and tell a lesser price. This way, you're happy, and we are happy too.


The Big Game

Men make such a big deal out of sports that women have started feeling that they need to give it importance too in order to impress you or to stay closer to you. Many women HATE sports. They can't stand the noisy match, but they try really hard to smile and cheer along with you for your favorite team because, well, a little lie can get you to like us more. Women who love sports attract men, so she sometimes has to pretend.


Curvy vs Fat

Nobody would ever like calling themselves fat, or skinny. When using online dating platforms, they tend to easily mismatch themselves that is unintentionally false. For instance, fat women proudly say that they are curvy, which is not a synonym for fat, but for a woman who has an hourglass figure. The perfect 8-shaped figure is curvy.


Getting Ready

It is a universal truth that one of the most prominent things women lie about is time. Every woman is habitual of saying that she will be there in exactly five minutes, which can drag up to 65 minutes late! As much as it annoys men, trust me, women are only trying to look their best for you, and that is as sweet as it sounds. And plus, give them some credit for being fashionably late.


Emotional Pain

Just like men do all the time, women also break promises. Women also say harsh words or take the wrong steps in a relationship. This especially applies to long-term relationships that no matter how many times she asks you to trust her and that she would never hurt your feelings, she will - at least once or twice. Feelings can differ in couples and lead to emotional pain very easily, so don't expect your partner to never hurt you emotionally.


You Can Tell Her

When you seem to be hesitant about confessing to her a mistake you have made, she wants to know it even more. In the efforts to get you to talk, women do lie and promise that they will not get mad at you no matter what it is that you have to confess. They ask you so kindly that you can tell her and she won't be upset, but when you do tell her, you know that "I won't be mad at you, babe" were just words.


Let Her Pay

It is surprising for men to know that these women who claim to be independent and equal to men in every aspect, will hate paying for the dinner when they are on a date with you. The tradition is for men to pay for date dinners, and even though she insists on splitting the bill and letting her pay, she is ONLY SAYING IT and does NOT mean it. I repeat, she is lying that she wants to pay, so turn her down for it immediately.


In-Bed Talk

As we all know very well, men depend their confidence highly on how they perform in bed. Intimacy is a great part of men's personalities and women don't want to hurt them or make them feel embarrassed, so they just lie and tell you that you have been "Oh so Amazing!" in bed. Even when she doesn't enjoy it very well, she will lie just for the sake of not hurting your ego, and it might even help because it will boost your confidence. Good lies, huh?


You're Mr. Right

Women, since the early ages of their adolescence, dream about meeting the Prince Charming who would make her a Princess. This Prince Charming is who they call Mr. Right or The One. Even if you don't treat her like a princess, or when you are not exactly her dream guy, she would tell you that you're her Mr. Right. Just like other things women lie about, that is on the outside, and internally, their hearts may be telling her to search again.


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