Every person in a relationship wants to explore different experiences with their lover by their side, because having them by your side makes everything so much better than it is done by yourself. You may be just newly together, newly wed, or have had each other since ages, but when the routine starts getting a little dull and repetitive; a journey can refresh both you and your partner. So considering travelling with girlfriend? Plan your trip with these ideas to make your trip wonderfully!

Planning Before Traveling with Girlfriend


Decide the Destination

It is important that you both mutually decide where you want to travel to, because the sole purpose of this trip, besides enjoying, is to become closer to each other. A fun and easy way to decide on a destination that both of you want to travel to is for you both to separately list ten places you want to visit, and then see if your lists have any place common.


Dig Deeper

Now that you both have decided where you’re off to together, it is time to check whether that place is ready to serve you and when you are both available to travel together. You should check what activities you both are looking forward to in the trip and whether that destination offers those activities. And plan the date of travel and begin to prepare others details.


Set a Budget

Money can be an issue when living together. It is best to decide beforehand where to spend and how much to spend. Start off with setting budgets for your priority expenses. Because money is a topic that can spring up during fights, it is advisable to set the budget of the entire journey divided into daily consumption based on the income of the partner who earns lesser.


Have Insurance to Back You Up

Trouble can follow up anywhere, so it is necessary to be careful. When traveling with girlfriend, you don’t want any stress or fears of ‘what-ifs’. It would be a time to relax, and you can get the most out of it with an insurance company taking care of your problems. Consult a local reputable insurance company to plan it out.


Choose the Middle Way Out

When two minds and hearts are excited for something, they naturally come up with some ideas that may not suit with the other. To avoid any arguments over whose idea to be the last decision, you need compromise sometimes. If your girl wants to stay in a four-star hotel, agree if either she pays for it or she agrees to step down to three-star.


Book Your Stay

You have done almost all of your planning and now are looking for a hotel to stay in and flight tickets needed. Then you can find solutions with AirBnB, which is affordable and is widely spread throughout favorite traveling destinations. Websites like Hipmunk and HotelTonight are also your options to find the room to suit your trip.


Pack Up

It is natural to want to take along all the things you own, but that’s the part where you need to plan carefully because now that you’re on a romantic trip, you both should minimize your luggage to only the things you need to take, instead of things you want to take. The lesser you have to carry around, the more you can be at ease with her.

Things to Remember When Traveling with Girlfriend

After all the planning, now you have finally begun your trip. Your girl is by your side, and you have hit the road or the bus/train or are on-flight. Well, there are still things you need to do to make your trip memorable and not messed up.

Don’t Over-Expect

Accept the fact that you are both humans and you both can have individual reactions to different situations. Do not expect too much of your girlfriend, and neither should she expect a lot from you. Anyway, you both will be away from home and people are not always the same as they are at home when they are elsewhere.


Interact with Others

You and your girlfriend might get tired of staring at each other’s faces all day long, so to avoid that feeling of boredom, it is great for a couple to interact with other couples and other people to keep things interesting. Meeting new people, especially other couples, can bring about many fun moments in your trip.



You are making memories, so why not save them on the go? Take pictures that you can look back at when you’re home, and maybe even put in an album. However, do not overdo this because with selfie sticks and the ‘Hey! Take our pictures’ (and ‘Friends! Come see our million pictures!’ when you return) might make people roll eyes.


Do What You Do Best

There are a lot of chores and tasks that you come across on your trip, for example, driving, cooking, reading maps, communicating, etc. Discuss with your partner which task can be done best by whom of you both, so that there are no arguments and messes later on.


Surprise Yourselves

Even though planning plays an important role in ensuring that your trip goes smoothly, it will be a headache to rush from one place to another with a set of ‘instructions’ you set for yourself. So when traveling, decide the major events of a day, but have a schedule that allows you to easily do other stuff that you may never expect beforehand.


Don’t Forget Romance

Remember that you are not on a formal trip, but are traveling with girlfriend, which means intimacy and romance are on top of the list of your activities together. Having sex in a new place can automatically spice up your love life. Forget your schedules when things start heating up, because after all, it will take you to better places than your scheduled places.


Be a Little Crazy

We all have some boundaries in our acts when we are in the middle of a society or just with our partner. Being on a trip is the best time to get out of your comfort zone and be crazy, and a little weird, too. Your girl won’t mind seeing you eat things you’ve never eaten before, or act seriously crazy – in fact, she would gladly take part.


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