Women aren't the only ones who have types they won't consider dating, men have a “do not date” list as well. Men want the same thing out of a relationship as women do, in most cases. Anyway, why would they want to date someone who they know will cheat on them, become incredibly jealous, or lie to them? Men wouldn't be willing to date these types of women just like women won't date liars, players or narcissists. Curious to find out if you might fall into one of the types of women men avoid being with? Read on to learn more.

Types of Women Men Avoid Being With


Sensitive Women

Men find women that can laugh at themselves and joke around highly attractive, so those who can't handle a bit of teasing are types they steer clear from. Every relationship needs some humor in it and being playful with one another can enhance the feelings you have for one another. Women who get embarrassed easily or can't find the humor in a little light-hearted teasing are the types of women men can't see themselves with for the long term.


Clingy Women

Every relationship needs a certain amount of space, so clingy women are not the first choice for men to date. Women who are clingy need all the attention and are not quick to give much focus to their date. Although it may seem like they are giving the men all their lives and attention, this can be unhealthy and often leads to jealousy and distrust.


Highly Competitive Women

While a woman who goes after what she wants is a huge turn on for guys, there is a line from being competitive in their career and feeling like they have to compete with everyone about everything. These types of women always need to look their best because they have to look better than everyone else. She wants those around her to feel inferior, so in a relationship, this can be disastrous.


High Maintenance Women

Men love women who take pride in their look but when they have to spend hours getting ready any time she leaves the house, it gets in the way of being able to plan anything. It is one of the types of women men avoid being with simply because they never seem to be satisfied and are incredibly hard to please. These women often spend money without thinking, don't have much consideration for other people's time and are just not worth all the effort a man would need to put into the relationship.


Immature Women

Women who still have a high school mentality and can't make or stick with a decision are women men don't want to date. Men like women who have an understanding of reality and the things that are going on in the world. They like their women to have opinions and thoughts of their own.


Women That Lie

Just like most women won't tolerate being lied to, men won't either. It can be hard for men to spot these types of women at first, but slowly they will begin to catch on. Some women will lie about anything and everything no matter how small and insignificant. But if they can be lied about the small details in their life, like what they did over the weekend, then they won't have a problem lying about bigger issues.


Women Who Are Too Career Oriented

Yes, women need to make their own living and being ambitious is never a bad thing, but when a woman’s career is her only and main focus, it's a big problem. They are constantly checking their emails, taking important phone calls, also having a serious stance and are never really at the moment. The strictly business type women are hard to romance and men have a hard time fitting into their schedule.


Gold Diggers

It's no surprise that one of the types of women men avoids being with are the gold diggers. These women are typically easy to spot since they are fairly picky about the social status of the men they date. They want to be wined and dined and will let it be known if you're not spoiling them enough. Luckily, these types of women aren't shy about going after a man's money, so men can easily avoid these types of women.


Self Centered Women

After a few dates, men can easily spot these types of women. Self-centered women talk constantly about themselves and never ask about the other person. She never listens to others opinions but won't hesitate to go on and on about her own. Everything revolves around her and she will do anything to make sure it stays that way. She has no problem letting others do things for her or asking for favors she'll never return.


Lazy Women

These women have no drive. They sleep late, lay around all day, they don't like to clean and often times don't even support themselves. Most often these women drink and party a lot and never take their life seriously. Men don't want to date a woman like this.


Controlling Women

Women who are control freaks show their true colors on the first date. These women won't let men make a decision for her and will often change plans to better suit herself. They tend to be extremely uptight and everything must be her way. Men want surprises and want to be flexible in a relationship which they won't get from a controlling woman.


Unintelligent Women

One of the types of women men avoid being with are the women they can't talk to. The airheads, dumb blondes, those who lack common sense are all types of women men can't connect with since they waste too much time trying to explain everything to. She always seems to mess up the simplest things and often cannot do many things on her own. For men, it is more like babysitting than dating.


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