When someone you care for or love is depressed, you may feel tempted to immediately try to correct the problem. However, you should not do so until the person is willing to accept the intervention, or unless it’s suggested by a professional therapist. Instead, saying the following phrases is more useful and likely to help.

What to Say to Someone Who Is Depressed

It can be really difficult to have the knowledge of what to say and what not to say to people who are going through depression, even if they are really close to you. 90% of the time, people with depression just need to know that they have someone to talk to. But how to start the conversation?

1. “Tell me about your feelings. I will most probably understand your feelings more than you realize.”

2. “If you don’t feel like talking about it, I feel happy to be there by your side and tell embarrassing stories of my day so that you can laugh.”

3. “Even if you don’t feel right at this moment, this feeling will not last forever.”

4. “Take your time to feel better as there is no rush to do that.”

5. “I am always there for you and not leaving you or going anywhere.”

6. “Feel proud of your tiny victories because they lead to bigger victories. You got up in the morning and eat healthy breakfast? That also deserves a pat on the back.”

7. “Don’t feel yourself weak or crazy.”

8. “You may have setbacks on some days, but just believe in the fact that tomorrow will bring new possibilities as it is a new day.”

9. “Can I get you a mug of coffee?”

10. What to say to someone who is depressed? Say, “I care for you.”

11. “If you want to discuss your feelings with some professional counselor and have not done that already, I can help in finding one.”

12. “If you require support, I can come with you-even if it is going to the grocery store.”

13. “There are many people like you who feel in a similar manner.”

14. “You are nowhere wrong about your feelings and no one will blame you for feeling this way.”

15. “It is natural to feel depressed.”

16. “Let’s do something together! Which kind of activity may help get feel better? A walk in the park may clear your mind, or how about going hiking? I’ll always be here for you if you need me.”

17. “The phase you are going through must be difficult and I truly understand that.

18. “It’s enough to do your best during this time.”

19. “I can understand that the situation is not under your control.”

20. “What should I do to help you?”

21. “You are very important for me.”

22. “Do you need a hug?”

23. “When all of this is over, both of us will still be present here.”

24. What to say to someone who is depressed? Say, “I can’t imagine much what you are going through; however, I will always try to understand.”

25. “I love you.” Say this phrase only if you really mean it.

Other Things You Can Do to Help Someone Who Is Depressed

1. Being willing to really listen. Being silent and listening to someone is one of the excellent things you can do in such times-you don’t have to say anything. Your ears can do the job and you need to really understand their trouble and sadness.

2. Suggest them to get a general check up with a healthcare provider. The depressed person may be anxious about going to a mental health professional but feel less anxiety on visiting a family doctor. Hence, it’s a great option to visit a physician for regular check-up. The physician may find out if depression is caused due to any medical illness. He can also refer your loved one to a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

3. Help the depressed person find a mental health provider or therapist and accompany them on the first visit to the therapist. Finding an appropriate therapist may prove to be a difficult task for an already depressed person who is low on energy. Hence, you can make a huge difference by assisting them in searching for the right therapist.

4. Encourage the depressed person to prepare a list of ailments and symptoms to discuss with the physician. You may even tell signs or symptoms that you have observed as an outsider.

5. Assist the depressed person in whatever tasks they would permit you to assist in.

6. Lead by setting an example. Encourage your family member or friend who is depressed to lead a mood boosting, healthier lifestyle by first doing it yourself-eat healthier, keep a positive outlook, avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol, do regular exercise and ask others to provide support when needed.

7. Encourage activity. Invite the depressed person to join you in mood uplifting activities such as watching a funny movie or eating lunch at a restaurant. Exercise is particularly helpful in combating depression; so try to get them moving. You can go on walks together.


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