You're in a relationship, everything's going well, you're happy together, you're possibly happier than you have ever been. You've taken big steps in your relationship together, be it moving in or say the three magic words, but, when to meet parents? If you truly wish to be with your partner for any amount of time, meeting their parents is necessary, but equally as necessary is making a good impression. This article will help you ascertain when it is time to meet your partner’s parents, as well as offer tips on how to make a good first impression.

When to Meet the Parents

Below are occasions and signs that indicate you are at the stage in your relationship to meet your partner’s parents:

You've Been Dating Exclusively for a While

If you have been seeing each other and no one else for a few months, then this is a clear sign that your relationship is serious and an indication that it is time for meeting their parents. Meeting their parents will not only assist our relationship by showing your commitment, but also offer your partner joy in the knowing that you care enough to make the effort to impress those who gave them life.


You're Living Together

Living with someone is a massive step in a relationship and it really can be make or break. If you are living with your partner, then one would assume that you had already met their parents, as living with one another is a big commitment that should be done with someone whom you know deeply.


They Have Met Your Parents

If your partner has met your parents already, then you should make an effort to introduce yourself to theirs. When ascertaining when to meet the parents, your partner already having met yours is a clear indication that they are serious and sincere, so you should return their sincerity.


You Speak of Your Future Together

If you and your partner have conversations about your future together, remember that parents play a major role in your life. The likely truth is, the longer you wait, the more daunting the whole experience can seem, so it's best to meet them early (as long as you are ready).


You're With Each Other All The Time

If you and your partner are constantly spending time together, then it is natural to meet their parents. Most people make an effort to see their parents, especially when they are no longer living with them. If you want to spend time with your partner, there may be instances where you have to spend time with their parents too, so best not to be a stranger to them.


You Have Already Met Other Family Members

If you have met other members of their family already, such as an uncle or a sibling, then it may be best to take the next step and meet their parents. This is especially true if their parents know of you but have never met you, as they would likely be eager to meet you as you should be them.


You're Both Ready

This is the most important thing to consider when ascertaining when to meet the parents. It is extremely important for you both to be ready. If you are scared or worried, then do not use this as an excuse to say that you're not ready. If you know within yourself that you love your significant other enough to spend a lifetime with them, then be ready to meet their parents, no matter how anxious it may make you feel.

Tips on Making a Good Impression

Perhaps more important than knowing when to meet the partner’s parents is knowing how to make a good first impression. Follow the tips below to ensure that you do this:

  • Dress smart, whilst a suit isn't necessary, try to dress smart and look presentable at the very least. Ensure that you have showered and brushed your teeth, make sure your hair isn't messy. An unfortunate truth is that everyone's initial judgement is based on appearance, so you'll want to look your best.

  • Don't be rude. Ensure to say please and thank you, offer help or assistance wherever possible (such as offering to remove plates after dinner), avoid telling stories that would be deemed inappropriate for such an occasion (such as ones that start with you getting “totally wasted”).

  • Ask them questions and listen intently and with sincerity to their answers to ascertain what they care about and are interested in, and build a conversation out of what they say.

  • Sit with correct posture. When you speak, do it clearly and with confidence. It is easy to be shy but it is also easy to quell feelings of shyness by exuding confidence through speech.

  • Try to pick a good setting, such as dinner. If possible, invite them over for dinner that you have cooked, or offer to take them out and pick up the bill.

  • Remember that they are only human, they may even be nervous about meeting you. As long as you are not rude or offensive, and ensuring that you show your commitment and love to your partner, their parents will have no logical reason not to like you.

  • Knowing when to meet the parents is important, as is knowing how to make a good impression. Be confident in the knowledge that everything will be ok if you follow the guidance included herein.


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