Being cheated on can be devastating. Being lied to by someone you cared a lot about or even thought you'd spend the rest of your life with can leave you feeling hurt, frustrated, disappointed and more. While both men and women cheat, it is more common for men to cheat on their partners. The first thing you probably asked when this occurs is “Why do men cheat?” While it doesn't make it right, this article will cover some of the most common excuses men have used to justify their cheating ways.

The Reasons That Men Cheat

Unfortunately, there isn't just one clear cut reason for why men cheat. While it would just be easier for a ready-made explanation, men are just as complicated as women to understand. Below are just some of the reason men may cheat.


If he has an alcohol, drug or even sex addiction, these issues can often lead to him cheating. Alcohol and drugs will have a negative impact on his ability to make the best decision and can result in him immediately acting on his impulses.


He's insecure.

A majority of men who are going through a “midlife crisis” often feel insecure about their age, looks, intellect, and finances. Even men who aren't going through this crisis but struggle with insecurity tend to cheat to boost their ego. They turn to other sexual encounters to feel desired, wanted, or just better about themselves.


He's not invested in the relationship.

Men will cheat when they aren't interested in their current relationship any more. They are either waiting until they have found a replacement or because they are waiting for the other person to do it. In both instances, to him, the relationship is already over, just not 'officially”.


They want the best of both worlds.

Even when in a long term committed relationship, some men will look for encounters outside of their relationship because they are ashamed of their sexual desires and they don't want to feel rejected. They fear their current partner rejecting the idea of indulging their sexual fantasies, so they find someone outside the relationship who they don't fear being rejected by. They are still devoted and love the person they are with but they want to have the exciting sexual relationship with someone else.


They are selfish.

Why do men cheat? Because they are only thinking of themselves. They are not considering their partner's feelings or needs, instead, just thinking about their own. Cheating is often due to the man wanting to fulfill his needs with little to no concern of how actions will hurt or devastate his partner.


They don't feel appreciated.

When men don't feel like they are being appreciated or getting enough attention, they will look elsewhere for this attention. Many men will justify their cheating based on their own perspective that they aren't receiving the attention they feel they deserve from their partner.


For the thrill.

They know it's wrong but that is what makes it fun for them. The adventurous guy who is always looking for something thrilling will cheat just to see if they can get away with it and for how long they can keep the affair secret.


Out of boredom.

Long-term relationships can go a little stale and feel monotonous, which can cause all sorts of anxiety for men. They may look outside their relationship for some sort of change to escape the tired routine they feel trapped in.


He feels nagged or ignored.

When other responsibilities start to come into the relationship, like raising kids or paying the mortgage, sex can often be put on the back burner. When every conversation is centered around who's picking up the kids or what bills still need to be paid, a man will look elsewhere just to feel like he is being heard and satisfied.


Intimacy issues.

Unresolved issues of abuse can lead to men cheating and having severe intimacy issues. These problems can be from physical, emotional, or mental abuse they suffered and for years have been unable to confront. They can turn to seeking out multiple sexual encounters to cover up or deal with the pain or trauma they don't want to acknowledge.


Not mature enough.

Sometimes the answer to "why do men cheat" is just related to maturity. Men who are immature, unable/unwilling to commit or just unwilling to put the time and effort into making a relationship last will often end up cheating.


They don't understand what a committed relationship is.

A lot of men fail to realize that the hot exciting and romantic relationship they started out with will evolve into a more meaningful and intimate one. They have a lack of understanding that a long term committed relationship isn't just about physical interaction so when the relationship they are in tends to phase out, they may look for this void to be filled elsewhere.


He acts on pure impulse.

There are some instances where a man will cheat even when he has never considered doing it before. When presented with the opportunity to cheat, he might just act on his immediate impulses alone without even taking into consideration what it may do to his relationship.


They crave change.

Not every man enjoys constant change, but many crave continuous excitement and adventure. They want to be able to experience new things and welcome change every chance they can. This is true with their relationships as well. They will cheat simply for something different, new, and exciting.


His partner doesn't meet his needs.

Men think they can cheat when their partner isn't meeting their sexual needs. Instead of trying to talk with their partner about their desires, they simply find someone else to meet the needs they are not having fulfilled at home.


He feels entitled too.

He's a man, it's in his DNA to want to have sex with as many people as possible. Why do men cheat? Some think they have the right to that simply because they are a male and that's just what males were born to do.


As a form of revenge.

It's a petty way to get back at their partner and men will go outside of their relationship for sex and intimacy simply to hurt the person they are with. They want to get even with their partner even if it is over a silly fight they had and cheating is one of the most hurtful things they can do.


His partner has gained weight.

This is one of the worst excuses men give for cheating, but they think it justifies their actions. Most of the time they haven't looked in the mirror themselves to see how much they gained.


They don't see it as cheating.

Cheating comes in many forms and just having sex isn't the only way a man can cheat. When they are being intimate, giving someone else attention and neglecting their partner, it's cheating.


They just do.

While there can be some underlying emotional issues that cause a man to cheat in the end, it is ultimately their decision to do so. In most of these scenarios, the man can either cheat or choose not to cheat, but he always has a choice.


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