As children grow up, they tend to distance themselves away from the home and towards the society. That is natural, but some things stay with them and you forever, such as the bond a father shares with his son. The time you two spend together, and what activities you do during that time will affect your relation, as well as the life of your son because the underlying lessons that you teach your son during each time will remain with him forever. The best age to start doing some father son activities is when your son is nearing adolescence (7-12 years of age) because this is a crucial time for the formation of his personality. Let's get more ideas about what to do together!



Don't all men enjoy fishing? Your little boy is no different, even if he doesn't show much interest in this activity the first time, he will enjoy it when you make it valuable for him the next time. In the middle of a lake/sea, when you go fishing with your son, you have the peaceful nature surrounding you, and you can talk about anything. More importantly, this activity will teach him patience and its rewards. 



A change of environment is always welcomed by young boys, especially when it involves campfire and a huge place to run around. Take your son camping to give him a taste of nature, away from the busy city life. Under the starry night sky, enjoy your time teaching your little boy how to set up a tent, how to start a campfire, and then finish the day off with telling each other stories around the campfire.



Whether it's football or a game of baseball, it will get you closer to your son not as a father but as a friend. When you play with your son such challenging yet fun games, they start being competitive positively and start trusting you as a friend. The generation gap lessens as a result of this. Just dedicate your Sundays to a match with your son, setting new rewards every week to motivate him.


Pinewood Derby Cars

As your son is growing, his understanding and the eternal love of all men for cars also grow. Also, making these fun pinewood derby cars by yourselves allow your son to be creative and take the lead. Teach him about aerodynamics, painting, and friction with this activity that you both will enjoy, and as much as you would want, don't let the urge of winning get in the way. Instead, focus on having a good time together.


Model Rocket

A very interesting one among all these father son activities is this one! Whatever involves a little science and harmless blasts will attract men of all age, so get into the project by first purchasing a launching kit like Estes 1469 Tandem-X Launch Set, and involve your son in the challenge to build a model rocket! Your son will feel like he has made an accomplishment once he sees his handmade spacecraft launching off with a blast.


Sports Event

Sports are an epitome under which all men unite, all around the world. Watching a sports match on TV screen or playing a match is good enough, but there is something extraordinarily charismatic about the smell of sweat and passion in an actual sports event going live around you. Your son will be overwhelmed with excitement to see his favorite team play right in front of him, and maybe even be able to get an autograph for which he will always thank you!



Just like playing with cars, a boy should know how to work with cars. He's a young boy, all right, but he will be hitting the road someday and who is a better mentor than a father? Teach him how to change a tire, show him how to change the oil, and invite him to give you a hand when you are washing your car. Not only will it make him feel a closer bond with you, but also make him feel some responsibility and ownership of the family car.


Barber Shop

Some fathers are too busy to have any time out for their son-and-father time only, so those fathers can make weekly or monthly routine chores an opportunity to spend time together. Going to the Barber shop is a great idea to talk about men things on your way. You may even talk about the latest hairstyles and trends with your little boy, and get a matching haircut if that isn't too much for you! Also, prefer walking to the shop.


Social Accomplishments

Whether you work full-time every day of the week, or some days of the week, there is always the need to check in with the society you live in, and work for humanity. There are numerous social campaigns that are going on all year round, and volunteering for a social cause while letting your son experience in any way can help him feel proud to have a father like you, and also make him more compassionate towards people.



Skiing is not easy for adults, let alone children. It is one of those father son activities that engage the fathers and sons in a motivational adventure that tells the sons that it is all right to fall down and that their fathers will be there for them to pick them back up and make them go forward again. In this adventurous activity, the sons will gain self-confidence and face some fears that will help them be braver.



Cooking is a systematic process and so is grilling. Having a scrumptious grilled steak at your tables afterwards will obviously make your son admire you ever more, but what is more important about this is that you can teach your son the process of grilling, the tips and techniques to keep it juicy, when and how to flip the steaks, and little things that matter a lot when the boy will look back at this memory when he is older and grilling for his friends or family.



This list features a lot of outdoor activities to help you bond with your son better, but sometimes the environmental conditions like the weather just won't allow us to stay out for too long. Well, in that case, you can hit up some bowling alleys and help your son master his first full strike!  As he will grow older into a teenager and will eventually go bowling with his friends, he would be one of those kids who would be cheered as he would be trained by then.



Nature is beautiful, and you don't have to go long ways to enjoy it. Planting a tree together, or making some grass grow in your backyard is a great time spent between father and son that triggers feelings of patience and rewards. It also teaches your son to work hard in order to gain something. Try planting vegetables together, because your son will gladly eat the vegetables he has grown if he doesn't like vegetables now.


Martial Arts

Not everyone is a fighter and survivor, but these qualities can be integrated into one's lifestyle through training like martial arts classes. When your child is growing, he is more prone to bullying and stress. Martial arts will help him gain power, self-confidence, and self-defense. By using these classes, you and your son can divert your stress and negative energies into a positive martial arts session.



Like many other games in this list, archery is also a game that requires immense concentration as well as patience. It is a very popular one among father son activities and teaches boys to accept failure without despair. Like skiing, it helps the motivational bond between fathers and sons as it allows them to get back after a lost aim. Furthermore, it helps boys focus on an aim and strive for it, even after failing for a few times.


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