If you have loved and lost then you may have also though – “how do I get back my lost love”. If you are missing someone whom you love dearly, then you will likely do anything to get them back. Thankfully, this article is here to help. Continue reading for the best tips on how to win back your lost love, and to also learn what not to do.

How Can I Get My Lost Love Back?

Winning back a lost partner isn't always easy and unfortunately cannot always be done successfully. Sometimes it is best to move on. That being said, if you are determined to win back your past life, then below are some excellent tips for you:

Be Prepared

Winning back someone's love can be hard, so you should always be prepared for the fact that it may not work out. Don't increase your expectations to such a level that if it didn't work out as you'd hoped, you'd be bitterly distraught and unable to function.


Don't Wallow in Self-Pity

It is easy to be sad about a lost lover, and it is perfectly natural for you to feel and express such emotions. Whilst that is true, you should avoid letting your sadness consume you. Constantly crying and pining for things to go back to how they once were is reminiscent of behavior associated with pre-teen puppy love.


Work on Yourself

If you have ever asked – how do I get my lost love back? Then working on yourself may be the answer. This is not to say you need to elevate your appearance to that of an a-list superstar, rather, work on your health and fitness, try to present yourself smartly and ensure that you carry yourself with proper posture. Doing all of this will help to improve not only your appearance, but also your self-esteem and self-confidence.


Take Your Time

It is very unlikely that everything will work perfectly straight away. If you are trying to win back a lost love, know that time is your best friend at the moment. You should focus on self-reflection, think about when or where everything went wrong, and what you can do in the future to improve the negative aspects of your past relationship.


Start Slow

If you have ever said to yourself – “I am going to get my lost love back”, and then proceeded to bombard them with messages of how you miss them and how much you love them, you have already gone wrong. It is best to start slow, begin with a simple, formal message (don't call straight away as this may seam too forward). You can ask how their family are doing, see what they are up to with work, and simply state that you have been thinking about them. Laying it all on the line in the first correspondence will likely scare them away.


Don't Pester

If they do not reply to your message straight away, don't bombard them with more messages. You should allow time for them to process their thoughts and get back to you. If they feel the same and want to try and rekindle your past flame, then they will get back to you. The more messages you send, the more desperate you will look. Not only that, sending loads of messages to an individual can also possibly lead to charges of harassment.


Agree to Meet: What to Wear and Say

If they express an interest in trying to work on your relationship, then ask to meet in a public place to talk. When meeting them, try to look your best. Make sure that you are clean and dressed smart. If you look sloppy and unwashed, it will show your lack of care for the occasion. When you meet, talk about your past relationship. State they you have had time to reflect and sincerely apologies for any misdoings you may have done, and give them a chance to apologies for anything they may have done to wrong you. Perhaps more important than talking, you should also listen to them. Hear what they have to say, and have a deep discussion about your past together. Don't be afraid to mention the good times you spent together, although save the overly-emotional stuff for a later date.


Other Controversial Methods

Some argue that performing a full moon candle spell to return your lost love can be an effective way of giving you a second chance with them, though the path of honesty and openness laid out above may be the better option.


If All Goes Well

If you said – “I will get my lost love back”, and you do so following the advice laid out above, then congratulations, I am happy for you. Now you can start making plans together to try and further your relationship. It is important that you do not make promises that you cannot keep, always be honest with yourself and with them. This is the only true way to successfully win your love back.


If It Doesn't Go As Planned

If you fail to reignite your previous spark, then it is important to walk away. Don't continue to push your personal agenda onto them if they have expressed their contempt for it. Remember that time will heal your wanting heart, and there are many possibilities of love just waiting to be explored in life.


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