It has happened to many of us. You see a guy you like and all of the sudden you just can't stop thinking about him. You keep picturing his eyes, smile and of course his perfectly toned body. This daydreaming only becomes worse if you have actually had a conversation with him in passing. To your dismay, you don't really know whether he is already dating someone or he's just not interested in you, you'll want to know how to stop obsessing over a guy quickly. To help rid yourself of the obsessive behavior, you want to read these tips and advice.

Effective Ways to Stop Obsessing Over a Guy


Stop talking to him

Put a self-imposed ban on yourself and cut off the communication. Stop looking at your phone waiting for him to call or text and stop sending him messages. When you make yourself easily and readily available to him whenever it convenient for him to talk to you, you give him a power that says he can take you for granted.


Remember his flaw

He may have seemed perfect at the time, but chances are he has a number of flaws that you are simply ignoring. You may have spent a lot of time focusing on all his pros that you have neglected to take note of his cons. Take the time to sit down and really evaluate what you liked about him and be honest about what you really don't like about him.


Call your friends

Reach out to your friends for their perspective on the situation, because that's what friends are for. If you are unable to see his flaws and you continue to obsess over him, you need your friends to help you see the bigger picture. 


Start a new hobby

The reason you may be obsessing over this guy so much could simply be because you have too much free time. Why not utilize this extra free time to do something you really love? Keep yourself busy and break out of your boring sleep, work, and eat routine. When you have something new to enjoy, you will have less time to waste on thinking of him.


Read a new book

Whether you have a list of books you want to read, how to stop obsessing over a guy can be done by picking up a book. Unlike a number of other things that will only temporarily distract you from your obsessive thoughts, reading puts your brain to good use. Pick up a book where you can learn something new, so you can focus your attention on a new task.


Consider your other options

This guy isn't the only fish in the sea, and chances are you have plenty of other guys who are just dying to get some of your attention. Stop and look around the many other options you have. If this guy you're obsessing over doesn't give you the time of day, there are many others who will, but you have to stop yourself from thinking he's the only one that exists.


Get off social media

This is a tough one because our lives practically depend on social media connection, but chances are you've been stalking his profiles and pages endlessly. All this leads to frustration and more disappointment. Take a day to disconnect from the social media world, so you can regroup and recharge without the constant reminder of him.


Work out

Working out can be a great way to relieve that pent-up stress you're carrying around because of this guy. You don't have to hit the gym; simply strap on your running shoes and go for a jog or turn up the tunes and dance around. Unlike obsessing over some guy, exercising is something you can do that is highly beneficial to your health and you might even gain a clearer head from it.


Take yourself out

Chances are you have been keeping your schedule pretty open in hopes that this Mr. Perfect will want to go out at some point. If he has blown you off already, that should be enough to stop keeping your schedule to open for him and even if he hasn't, you shouldn't revolve your schedule around him anyways. If he's not taking you out, then take yourself out! Having a quiet coffee at the local coffee shop or sitting down at a table for lunch or even some retail therapy may be just what you need to keep your mind off of him.


Make time for friends and family

How to stop obsessing over a guy? Make more time for the important people in your life. You don't want to cut yourself off from the people who will be there to pick you up when you need them and right now you need them. Spend more time around the people who have no problem showing you the love and attention you deserve.


Get control over your thoughts

Why do you think this guy is so great? Once you have control of your thoughts, you can get better control over your obsessive behavior. Chances are you are letting your thoughts misguide you about how great this guy really is. When you catch yourself thinking of him, shift your thoughts to something else that actually makes you feel better about yourself.


Get away

Sometimes you just need to pack a bag and leave everything behind for a few days. If it's possible, plan a weekend getaway where you can focus on yourself. A quick trip might be just what you need to think more clearly and return with a whole new perspective.


Go on a date

One of the best ways to stop thinking about a guy is by letting another guy give you the attention you're looking for. You may have turned down a few guys recently because you want to remain available for your obsession, but you might want to reconsider this. Agree to go out on a date and after that, you might just be wondering why you were wasting your time on that other guy.


Identify repetitive behavior

Do you tend to become overly obsessive with guys one after another? Did obsessing over any of the past guys make anything better or go in your favor? Remind yourself how your obsessive behavior in the past ends up being a huge mistake and that is what you aren't going to want to repeat again. How to stop obsessing over a guy can be done once you see the error in your past behavior.


Give yourself a pep talk

Often times when we obsess over someone, it leads us to start thinking not so pleasant thoughts of ourselves. You may be questioning why he doesn't like you? What do you need to fix about yourself? What is wrong with you? This is not a healthy way to talk to yourself, instead,  give yourself a pep talk and remind yourself that you are a truly amazing and beautiful person.


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