There are times in your life when you want to know for certain if a guy likes you. It’s never an easy conclusion to make. You go to your best friend, colleagues, siblings and whoever is ready to listen for a solution. After long drawn out conversations with them, you only end up with numerous conflicting insights that confuse you even more. There is no sure way to know but here are a few signs that can help you decide.

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You


He Imitates

It’s common psychology that when we like someone, we are attracted to their mannerisms and we try to imitate them. The same applies when a guy likes you. Watch him closely when he is around you, he will unconsciously end up mimicking your actions. When in conversation with him try touching your hair or your face and you will be surprised to find him repeating the same actions.


He Is Curious

If a man likes you, you have aroused his curiosity and he will be eager to gather all possible information about you. When in conversation with you he will ask a lot of questions. Some of the questions are just conversation fillers just to keep you engaged. But some of the other questions may stem from a genuine interest to know about your life and your dreams and goals, so that he can assess if you two fit.


He Laughs at all Your Jokes

A sure sign that a guy likes you is when he laughs a lot when you are around him. Try throwing a really lame joke at him; he will still laugh like it is the best one he has ever heard in his lifetime. It may be because he feels comfortable and secure around you and he is genuinely happy to be with you.


He Smiles a Lot

How to tell if a guy likes you? He throws an endearing smile at you ever so often. Supposing if you both are in the same room with a group of friends, he smiles at you whenever you make an eye contact with him. On occasions when both of you are alone in a conversation he smiles often at you. People like to smile when they encounter things they like and the same applies when a man meets a woman he likes.


He Makes Eye Contact

It is obvious that if a guy likes you he cannot take his eyes off you. He maintains an eye contact while speaking with you. If a guy is attracted to you, you can easily spot his dilated pupils when he is making an eye contact with you.


He Grooms Well

Most guys do not care much about their looks. If you notice that he is making an effort to dress well and look good, whenever he is meeting you then it is a sure sign he is falling for you.


He Shares His Secrets

A sure sign that a guy likes you is when he lets down his guard and reveals his secrets and idiosyncrasies to you. This is a sign that he is permitting you into his intimate world and he feels confident and secure around you. It is common knowledge that people share secrets only with others they trust so he definitely thinks you are trustworthy.


He Plays Compliments

When a guy is generous with compliments about your looks, actions, tastes etc. it is a clear sign he likes you. If a guy compliments your dress or actions it clearly says he is attracted to you and is watching you attentively. He also wants you to feel good around him.


He Makes Physical Contact

A guy who likes you uses every opportunity to make subtle physical contacts with you. He likes to hold your hand whenever he can. He makes attempts to touch you though not in the wrong way. For example both of you are having a conversation he will gently tap your hand to draw your attention. If you watch attentively, you can easily sense that he likes you.


Watch the Body Language

Men are not as expressive as women. However, they cannot help but exhibit certain body language signs when they are close to a woman they like. Here are some telltale body language signs to answer the question how to tell if a guy likes you?

  • He likes to face you directly when standing in front of you

  • His feet directly points at you

  • He exhibits positive body language signs such as keeping his head high and shoulders straight when you are around or when you enter a room he is in

  • He raises his eyebrows when talking to you

  • He may fidget when having a conversation with you


Plans with You

If he includes you when he talks about his plans it is a clear sign that he wants you to stay with him. He is planning for an event such as a friend’s birthday party that is scheduled two months away and you realize he is including you in the plans. This confirms that he likes your company


Feels Jealous

When you are hanging out together as a group, try stealing glances at him when you are talking to other guys in the group. You can spot clear signs of jealousy on his face. He might act normally but he will be cautiously watching and judging your interaction with other guys. Jealousy is one of the cardinal signs of attraction between two people.


He Initiates the Contact

How to tell if a guy likes you? Whenever you are at the same party as him or are hanging out with friends together, he will make sure he approaches you and starts a conversation with you. He will be finding excuses to talk to you. He will be looking out for you in a room full of people and will constantly be attentive to your actions. If you feel like you are bumping into him frequently in parties and get-togethers then you can be sure that he is finding opportunities to talk to you because he likes you.


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