A mood ring has a thermochromic element, which changes its colors on the basis of the temperature of the wearer’s finger. The thermochromic element present in a mood ring could be liquid crystal. Most of the mood rings contains a color chart that indicates the mood of the person who has worn the ring on the basis of the colors of the ring. The mood ring was first created in the year 1975 by two inventors from New York, Maris Ambats and Josh Reynolds.

Mood Ring Colors and Their Meanings

The different colors on the mood ring have different meanings as described below:


Black is the default color of the mood ring when it is not worn. But, when it is black while worn on your finger then some negativity is present. It indicates that the person wearing the mood ring is tense and stressed. Black is a sign that the person is harried and overworked.


White indicates that the wearer is possibly bored, very frustrated and confused.


This color is not very often seen on a moon ring; however, when seen it indicates that the person wearing the ring is experiencing stress and is feeling nervous and anxious. If the level of stress increases, the color turns to black.


Brown color indicates nervousness and the person is on edge. There is an overwhelming feeling of anticipation and restlessness. The individual is feeling jittery and their mind is wandering.

Gold or Amber

Gold or amber color indicates that the person is undergoing through a range of emotions. These emotions could range from simple ones such as feeling surprised to complex ones such as feeling nervous or upset.


Of all the mood ring colors, yellow color indicates that the wearer is feeling creative and having wandering thoughts.


Pink color indicates uncertainty. It can also indicate the initial stages of interest and arousal.


Orange color indicates that the person wearing the moon ring is feeling dare devilish and is willing to try something exciting and new. Dark orange color indicates that the person is feeling unsettled, tensed or aggressive.


Red color indicates that the heart rate of the person is elevated or raised. Red color signifies high energy, adventure and excitement. Deep red color indicates romantic passion, arousal and love. Bright red color indicates feelings of anger, excitement, terror or adventure.


Green color indicates that you are relaxed and calm and is not having any feelings of nervousness and stress. It indicates that the individual is present in a good place and is feeling comfortable with his surroundings. Green color is considered the normal reading of a person.

Blue Green

When the mood ring color turns to blue green it indicates that the person wearing the mood ring is contended and is at peace. He is relaxed but alert.


Blue color indicates that the person wearing the ring is relaxed and having fun. He is feeling social and happy and is present at a good place emotionally. Blue is known to be the color of joy, peace and optimism.

Dark Blue

Dark blue color indicates shifting of happy mood to a higher level. It signifies interest in romance, passion and love.


Purple color indicates being satisfied, passionate, romantic and sensual feelings. There is a feeling of genuine clarity and sense of purpose. The person has the knowledge of what he wants or needs and is willing to get it.

How Does Mood Ring Work?

How do mood ring colors change? You may ask. The ring contains a faux gemstone, which is usually made of glass or quartz. It is actually a clear capsule that is filled with liquid crystal, which is thermochromic or has a thin sheet of thermochromic liquid crystal placed underneath. Liquid crystals are very sensitive to heat and they will change their position while responding to a drop or rise in temperature. Light has multiple wavelengths and our eyes see each reflected wavelength as a different color. Which wavelengths are reflected back and which are absorbed depends on the position of the liquid crystals, thereby causing the stone to change color.

Changes in the body temperature of the person cause the liquid crystal to reflect lights of different wavelengths, leading to a change in the color of the stone, resulting in mood ring colors. The liquid crystal present in mood rings is generally set up to show a neutral color (black) at an average skin temperature of humans, which is around 34 degrees Celsius.


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