It is said, ‘saving one life means saving the whole mankind’. Organ donating serves the same purpose. In America, about 120,000 patients are waiting for suitable donors. A few get it while some die while waiting for getting a second chance at life. There are many who boldly take the decision of being an organ donor. While some are confused by the controversial myths related to organ donations. Here we have enlisted the top reasons why you should be an organ donor.

Why Should You Register as an Organ Donor?


Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

There are ailments that have no cure except for an organ transplant. Organ donors are the only hope for the patients with such issues. Getting another chance to live is every one’s right. Your organs can bring them another birthday, another Christmas to celebrate with family and friends and so much more.


The World Needs it!

We encourage you to donate organs and tissues because it’s the need of the hour. Every day, about 18 people leave this world due to some severe illness (a suitable organ could save their lives). There is no end to this whole process as after every thirteen minutes a new patient is added to the waiting list of national transplant.


It’s Absolutely Free

To be an organ donor takes nothing from you except that organ after your death. It’s a free process. You or any of your family members would not have to pay a single penny for it (the donor would not be compensated either, for the donation). All that you need to do, is to register a donor form online.

  • You have the right to pick the organs that you want to donate. When you register online, you get the options to donate the tissues or organs according to your will.

  • There are many people who opt to become a living donor. Living donors normally donate their kidney.

Note: The one who receives the organs has to pay for most of it.


Accepted by All Major Religions

This act of organ donation is allowed by all the major religions of the world including Catholicism, Protestantism and Judaism. So, if you are a religious-minded person, you don’t have to worry about any religious restrictions or about having a sense of guilt. That’s a good reason why you should be an organ donor without any hesitation.


No Restrictions!

Organ donation does not come with any restrictions like status, religion, cast and age (all it takes, is a matched organ). Even you don’t have to be of the same family background. The only restrictions (rare cases) are a few medical conditions that do not allow you to donate. These may include systematic infection, Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, HIV (you can still donate to an HIV patient) and active cancer.


No Status Quo

There is nothing like status quo in managing the waiting list of the organ receivers. The whole data is managed honestly, keeping in view the level of severity of all the patients. The one who deserves it the most, is picked for the organ transplant.


Gift of Life and You Can “Live Many Lives”

When you donate your organs, you are saving lives of about 8 people. Donating your organs would not only keep you alive even after death but the receiver would always be praying for you for this precious gift.


It’s not a Threat to Your Life

This is a common misconception that often leads people to avoid donating an organ. Many believe, once you have donated the organ, it lessens the significance of your own life. When you fall sick, doctors would not strive hard for saving your life. But that is not true. Contrary to that, your organs will be removed only after you are declared brain dead by the doctors.

Other Factors to Consider

There are certain things that you must know before taking this great decision.

  • It’s quite possible that your family opposes your decision. You might be questioned about why you should be an organ donor? If you really want to do this, you must get the consent of your family members. As there is certain info (required by transplant team) that is gathered with family’s assistance, after donor’s death.

  • Those who sign up for organ donations, would have to go through blood tests for the viruses and diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

  • In US, every adult can become an organ donor. There are some states (in US) that allow the under 18 citizens to be a donor. In case of their untimely death, they can donate their organs. But that can’t be done without family’s consent. There even have been cases where new born babies have been the organ donors (pediatric donations).

  • Your status to be an organ donor is mentioned on your driving license as well.

  • Ultimately, it is a healthcare professional who decides whether your organs and tissues are healthy enough to get transplanted. They decide it by keeping in view your medical history (it requires assistance from family).

  • You can get yourself removed from the list of organ donors at any stage of life. When you register online, there is an option ‘updating your status’. There you can change your status. Similarly, you are required to get your status changed, from your driving license. To do that, you need to consult your local motor vehicle office.

How to Get Started

  • To get yourself registered for organ donation, you must be 18 (some states allow younger as well).

  • Registering online is the easiest way. For further details, check out Every individual can do that by signing up in her/his state.

  • Or you can visit your state motor vehicle office. There you get an organ donor card to fill at the time of getting (or renewing) your driving license.

  • To be a living donor, you can directly contact your local transplant center and get complete info about why you should be an organ donor. And what are the steps you need to follow in this regard.


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