The days of flirting have evolved from the standard pick up lines and buying a drink at the bar. However, nowadays, guys need more charisma, manners and a stellar sense of humor if he wants to catch the attention of the ladies. While having good looks also doesn't hurt, it takes more than a pretty face to keep a girl interested. From engaging conversation and the right body language, you'll want to take notes on these flirting tips for guys.

Guys, Catch Her Attention with These Flirting Tips


Perfect the Eye Smile

Giving a provocative glance to a lady you are interested in can be more effective than words. Not only does this show you are attracted to her, it gives the indication that you are able to communicate with or without words. Just be sure to practice your stare, one that is too intense can have the opposite effect on women.


Use Your Vocabulary

Women love engaging in good conversation and you can really impress her when you use a wider range of your vocabulary. Show her that you are knowledgeable with some clever words that will peak her interest, but not so much that it is obvious you are simply trying to impress her.


Be Original

From the compliments you dish out to the jokes that you tell, you'll want steer clear of anything she might have heard already. Avoid the typical compliments about her eyes and outfits and instead, pay closer attention to the smaller details that will show her that you have paid closer attention to her.


Get to Know Her

You never want to give her the impression that you are only giving her the time of day for one reason. Relax and really get to know her. Let her initiate where the conversation leads and stick to topics you know she will want to discuss.


Make Her Smile

One of the best flirting tips for guys is simply to make her smile. This can be done in a number of ways but is best done when you let her open up about things that she really enjoys. She'll be more receptive to your advances when she is in a blissful state of mind.


Ignore Everyone Else

One of the best ways you can stay on her radar is when she feels like the center of your attention. Make her feel like a one of kind woman and avoid getting distracted by anyone else around you. When you make her feel special, she'll be more likely to return her attention.


Make Eye Contact

You want to show your interest in her obviously and the best way to do this is to make eye contact when she's speaking to you. It will make her feel like she has your undivided attention.


Make Her Work a Little

When it comes to flirting, you need to play a little hard to get. Yes, you want her to know you're interested in her, but if you really want her desire, you have to be a little coy. Don't overdo the compliment or simply agree with everything she says, you want to leave her wanting to know more about you.


Be Playful

Find a reason to touch her, but keep it appropriate. Holding her hand while you try to read the lines of her palm or a slight touch on the small of her back is a way to show her you are into her and can be a great way to tell if she is feeling the same kind of attraction. If she is shy away from your playful touches, you might want to rethink the signs she's been giving you and put a hold on any more physical touching.


Make Her Laugh

Aside from making her smile, making her laugh will rack up the brownie points for you. Women love guys who have a solid sense of humor and who don't take things so seriously. One of the best flirting tips for guys is to be funny, and this can show her you're confident and that you want to see her happy.


Use Your Smile

When it comes to flirting, your smile can be one of the most power tools. Showing her a genuine smile will make her feel more relaxed and comfortable. If she smiles back, it is a pretty good sign that she is feeling interested in you as well.


Be Confidence

Confidence can be the most attractive thing you present to a woman. If you aren't very confident, then you at least have to know how to fake it, because without confidence all you flirting attempts will be a failure. A little nervousness can be a nice way to charm her, but you want to show that you are comfortable being around her.


Have Some Manners

Chivalry will go a long way when you are flirting with a girl. A simple gesture like holding the door for her, offering your coat to keep her warm or carrying a heavy bag for her will show her that you are a gentleman.


Listen More

When you are flirting with a girl, you shouldn't be doing most of the talking. You want to show her that you are interested in her, so ask a lot of questions and pay close attention to what she says. Reference things she has said in conversation to show her that you've been listening to everything she is revealing to you.


Make the First Move

All of these flirting tips for guys will do you little good if you don't make the first move and approach her. You'll have to build up the courage to approach her in a respectable and polite way, and if done right you won't have to worry about being flat out rejected.


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