It is becoming more and more common for individuals to postpone marriage, or even shun the thought of it, until later on in life. Getting married in your 20s used to be extremely common, though now it is becoming less so. That's not to say that it is a bad idea, quite the opposite. If you believe that the time is right then you should follow your instincts and go for it.

Perks of Getting Married in 20s



The average individual will likely be far happier with a partner (assuming everything is good with their relationship). As mentioned, the 20s can be a stressful time, and finding love can help tremendously to your own happiness.


You Become Stronger Together

Your 20s are often the years you learn to become independent and financially self-supportive. These can be times full of realization in regards to the real world, which can be stressful. Getting married allows you the opportunity to share these times with another individual, meaning that you will be stronger and more capable to handle what life throws at you.


Growing Old Together

Though statistically speaking, those who marry in their early 20s (before the age of 25) are generally more likely to divorce, true loves never give up. That being said, if you marry after this age then the statistics are in your favor far more. Getting Married in 20s means that you have many years ahead of you, giving you the opportunity to grow old with the person that you love.


Planning Your Future

Once you have made the ultimate commitment, it becomes easier to think of your future together as there is already a certain amount of stability (due to the fact that you are married). This means that you can plan your future together with some level of certainty, and work together to ensure that all of your hopes and dreams (be they career or personal) are achieved.



If you want to further your career, having someone who cares for you and who can support you and drive you to achieve your goals can be invaluable. You will also be in a position to support your spouse in their careers. Sometimes, helpful advice or just someone to listen to your ideas and goals can help you to achieve clarity and execute them efficiently. Many people may assume that one’s dreams become unimaginable after marriage, however a supportive partner should push you to be the best person you can be, and to follow whatever you are passionate about.


History & Compatibility

If you marry in your 20s, then the person you marry will likely have less of a complicated romantic history (they are very unlikely to have been married before, for example). This means that everything is still fresh and exciting for the both of you. Marrying someone in the same age group can also make you more compatible as you could more likely have similar views, education, music tastes, and other interests.


Learning Valuable Life Skills

Getting married in 20s offers you the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. As you will be growing and learning together, and considering that you will always have to be thinking about another person’s needs with most decisions that you make, you will learn selflessness, and how to compromise when you don't always fully agree. These are excellent attributes to uphold.


Increased Sexual Pleasure

Be it because of the vitality of youth, or perceived prolonged honeymoon periods, couples who marry younger tend to have more sex than those who wait until later life (or those who are single/unmarried). This means that you and your spouse can explore your sexual desires together in a comfortable and nonjudgmental atmosphere.


Increased Fertility

It is believed that a woman's fertility begins to decline at around the age of 27. If you marry young and wish to start a family, the fact that you are young can have many benefits (including the fact that you will be in the most fertile period of your life).


Healthier to Carry Children

As a woman ages, her body changes. Many studies have shown that the older a woman is when she becomes pregnant, the more likely there will be a problem (although that's not to say that women can't and don't have healthy children in their 30s or 40s). Medically speaking, the best time for the mother and the child is mid to late 20s, so getting married and starting a family at this time may be the best option.


More Energy to Raise Children

It is well known that newborn babies like to keep their parents awake throughout the night. Toddlers like to run around and climb things, young children like to ask questions about everything. Being relatively young yourself, still full of your own youthful exuberance, can help you get through these testing (and rewarding) times.


More Benefits to Having Children Young

Children are hard work and arguably require more commitment than anything else in life. This means that you may have to put your career on hold, or lower the amount of time you work, to raise your bundle of joy. By the time your children have aged and moved out of the house, you will still be relatively young, and have many opportunities to pursue interests or kickstart your career once again. Being married also means you can best decide how to deal with such situations (you may wish to care for your child whilst your spouse works full time, or vice versa).

Final Notes: Always remember that regardless of what has been written in this article, getting married in 20s is a big decision that you should be sure of. It’s good to understand the benefits (as well as the disadvantages) to getting married young to well verse yourself in facts and advice, but ultimately the decision is up to you.


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