There are different ways in which you can conceive twins, such as using fertility drugs, naturally if you have a family history of twins, and just plain luck. It is estimated that when a woman becomes pregnant there is a 1 in 89 chance that the pregnancy will result in twins. If you are wondering how to conceive twins, continue reading our article as we give you many ways you can conceive twins.

Factors that Increase Your Chances of Having Twins

  • If anyone in your family has had twins, there is a possibility of you having twins. If mother or grandmother were fraternal twins, the chances increase. The reason is that you may have inherited the gene for hype-ovulation. One thing to remember is that twins are only genetic on the mother’s side because only women ovulate.

  • The possibility of conceiving twins increases with age. According to studies done the follicles stimulating hormones (FSH) increase after the age of thirty-five.

  • When you stop taking birth control pills it does take some time to release hormones in a natural way and sometimes it is stimulated in a large quantity so more eggs are released during the ovulation cycle.

  • The higher number of previous pregnancies the more chances you have in conceiving twins and the chances are increased if you already have fraternal twins.

  • If you are breastfeeding and using no form of birth control there is a chance you may get pregnant and have twins.

  • Your race also plays a big factor as the rate of having twins is higher in African Americans.

How to Conceive Twins Naturally

  • By taking proper amount of folic acid supplements, a woman can increase their chances of conceiving twins by almost 40% according to studies done.

  • Include in your diet yams and dairy products. Eating yams can increase the possibility of you having twins. There are chemicals in yams that can cause an over-stimulation of your ovaries, which can cause more eggs to be released during the ovulation period. It has also been proven that women who consume dairy products also have a higher chance of having twins with the odds being nearly five times higher than those who do not consume dairy products.

  • Make sure that you are drinking enough water and keeping hydrated. Stay away from drinking too many sodas and sweetened drinks, caffeine, and alcohol as these can reduce fertility in women.

  • Knowing the exact time of ovulation is very important because if you have sexual intercourse during the fertile window, the chances of getting pregnant increase and so does the chances of having twins.

  • Have your spouse eat more foods that are rich in zinc like green leafy vegetables, bread oysters, and seeds to stimulate sperm production to increase healthy sperms.

How to Conceive Twins During Sexual Intercourse

  • When having intercourse use the force of gravity to your benefit by adopting a position that allows deeper penetrations. This will allow the distance between the egg and sperm to decrease and it is more likely that you will become pregnant.

  • Make sure that you are both enjoying having intercourse and it is not being done just to get pregnant. It has been found that if you both reach orgasm there will be a larger amount of sperm released so this increases your chances of conceiving twins.

  • Plan a romantic weekend getaway and just relax and enjoy being together. Try different positions like side-by-side, standing up, and the missionary position.

Conceiving Twins Using Fertility Drugs and Treatments

  • Some physicians recommend taking Clomid, which is a medication normally used by women who do not ovulate. If taken by women who have no issues with ovulation it can increase your chances of having twins by 33%. When men take this medication it can help to treat hormonal imbalances that could affect the quantity and quality of their sperm.

  • Using Intro Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can result in having twins at a high rate. During this procedure, the physician will try to implant as many embryos as possible hoping that at least one will stick. With this procedure, the chances of having twins is between 20-40%

  • When you take Gonadotropins, which are injection fertility medication, you have a 30% chance of having twins.

  • Clomiphene is one of the best fertility drugs to have twins. These can be tried before turning to assisted reproductive treatments like IVF.

  • Parlodel will usually be administered in oral form and in small doses for five days every month. It will help to lower the level of the prolactin hormone, which inhibits the ovulation process.

  • Pergonal is a popular fertility drug to take when you want to have twins. After a complete treatment, it helps to balance out the basic functions of your body like your body temperature to help you become pregnant easier.

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the procedure in which the sperm is injected into the uterus using a syringe. With this procedure, women will also need to take fertility drugs to increase their chances of having twins.

  • Taking progesterone helps to strengthen the lining of your uterus helping increase the odds of conceiving twins.

Fun Facts on Conceiving Twins

  • It appears that where you live can also influence your chances on having twins so if you want to have twins move to Nebraska, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

  • The timing is also important, as it appears that the chances of having twins increases in July but in January it decreases.

  • Research has shown that the weight and the height of the mother have a say when it comes to having twins. According to research done by American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the probability of having twins increases with the increase in obesity. Having a body mass index of thirty or higher increases the chance of conceiving twins.

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  • Folklore says that after having sexual intercourse lying on the bed for a longer period of time will also increase your chances of having twins.


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