The first trimester of pregnancy is always a difficult period for women since their bodies endure several changes. One of the common changes is the secretion of chorionic gonadotropin, famously known as the pregnancy hormone. In addition, they experience an increase in the production of estrogen. A combination of a heightened sense of smell, stretching abdominal muscles and hormonal changes usually bring about nausea in approximately 90% of pregnant women. Therefore, how to control vomiting during pregnancy is a hard problem to many pregnant women. Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you reduce or avoid vomiting. Be sure to confirm with the doctor first. 

How to Reduce Vomiting During Pregnancy


Avoid Empty Stomach After Waking Up

It is important to consume some food as soon as you wake up to fill the stomach. Eating properly in the morning is a useful way to control vomiting during pregnancy. When there is food in the stomach, the acidity levels are managed properly as empty stomachs heighten acidity levels and encourage vomiting.


Drink Some Fluids

Hydration is one of the key precautions that you should pay attention to during your pregnancy. 

  • You should not drink fluids immediately before or after meals as this can promote vomiting.

  • Most of the times, you can feel weak and dehydrated after vomiting, so it is necessary to supplement the water loss through the consumption of fluids, particularly water or other juices, etc.


Take an Adequate Rest

An overworked or tired person is prone to nausea hence there is a need to ensure that your body gets adequate rest and it is an easy solution to the question – how to control vomiting during pregnancy.

  • Most people usually get tired so fast when pregnant and in most cases, one can feel sleepy. The feeling of sleepy is a sign that informs you to have a rest.

  • If you are still working when pregnant, it is better to take a short break during work and take enough rest until your feeling of vomiting settles down. 


Eat Frequently

Food is important during pregnancy since the body requires a lot of energy during this time. 

  • You should ensure that you eat small and frequent meals during the day. It is beneficial to reduce acidity and hunger pangs hence controlling vomiting.

  • Eat a small meal every two hours which can help you have a better digestion and avoid acidity attack that may cause vomiting. 

  • However, it is advised that you eat moderately since heavy meals are prone to promote vomiting.


Avoid Cooking Foods with Strong Smells

Foods with strong smells can trigger nausea. It is advisable to avoid them especially when you are having food aversions.



Walking during pregnancy is a common way that doctors will recommend when you ask them how to control vomiting during pregnancy.

  • Walking is effective to control vomiting as it is a safe exercise for pregnant women and helps them have a better digestion which will reduce the chance of vomiting.

  • Make sure that you walk for a while after your meals because keeping one position for a long period can promote vomiting.

  • Consult your doctor first.


Avoid Foods That Are High in Salt and Fat

Some foods such as fatty and salty foods usually interfere with the digestion process and should be avoided when pregnant. Fatty and salty foods make the stomach become uncomfortable hence can promote vomiting.


Ensure Rooms Are Well Ventilated

Fresh air is beneficial to help you get through the vomiting during pregnancy.

  • Avoid staying at stuffy rooms as it can promote vomiting.

  • Opening windows for proper circulation of air in the house but ensures that the strong smells can be kept away.


Try Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments involve acupressure, acupuncture therapy, and hypnosis therapy. 

  • Acupressure refers to the application of pressure to some body points which increases blood flow. It is good for some pregnant women as it is efficient in the treatment of nausea.

  • Acupuncture is also another way of treating nausea. It refers to the insertion of very thin metal needles into the body’s pressure points.

  • Lastly, hypnosis therapy tries to alter one’s existing feelings or patterns of behavior by making suggestions when people are in the subconscious level. However, there is no exact scientific evidence to support this method.


Go for Yoga Lessons

Go for a yoga lesson when you are wondering how to control vomiting. Yoga involves meditative stretching and can be useful for reducing nausea by reducing stress. 


Try Home Remedies

How to control vomiting during pregnancy? Several home remedies are also be useful. 

  • Taking a glass of lemon juice occasionally helps you relieve from the feeling of vomiting.

  • Also, taking ginger slices when you feel the vomiting sensation. It can stop you from vomiting due to the flavor and smell of ginger.

  • Citrus fruits, such as orange and sweet lime, are effective to eliminate the vomiting sensation.

  • Lastly, fennel seeds are also superb in reducing vomiting due to their anesthetic constituents.


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