Much smaller and softer than an adult's nails, baby fingernails can still leave scratches on your baby and you. However, clipping these teeny nails can be a scary process for new moms and veteran moms alike, and since they grow fast, they have to be clipped more frequently. Then how to do this safely and with ease? Read on to learn how and more concerning taking care of your little baby.

How to Cut Baby Nails Successfully


Using clippers

You can use baby clippers on your baby's nails the same way as you would clip your own nails. Push the tip of the finger back to provide a space for the clippers and use small short clips to cut the nail. When clipping toenails, be sure to cut straight across and always hold the foot or hands firmly.



If using nail clippers on your baby's nails is too frightening, then you can use an emery board to file them. This can be more time consuming and you have to be more careful not to file the skin by the nails. An embryo board should also be used to file down any sharp edges around the nails that can be left from clipping.


When they sleep

To avoid the struggle of clipping nails when your baby is awake, try to cut them while they sleep. As long as you have enough light, cutting your baby's nails when they are asleep can make the process much easier and more successful.


After bath time

You want your baby to be relaxed when you clip their nails and the best time is usually after they have been given a bath. Most babies, especially newborns, will clench their fist when they are awake and alert, giving them a bathe to keep them relaxed and then clipping their nails can be easier.


Ask another parent to help

How to cut baby nails might also require two people for the process. Have your partner, friend or another family member to hold your baby or distract your baby while you clip their nails.


Baby mittens

When you can't cut your baby's nails right away, put baby mittens on them. The mittens will keep your baby from scratching themselves until you can trim them properly.



When it comes to trimming your baby's nails, you should avoid the following:

  • Never bite your baby's nails. You might be tempted to just bite off your baby's nails when you notice they are long, but this is never a good idea. It can put your baby at a higher risk of viral or bacterial infections since you expose your baby to more germs. Then they can transfer to their face and mouth.

  • Never tear off your baby's nails. While this may seem like an easy way to trim your baby's nails, tear the nail off should never be done. This can be painful for your baby and cause infections or ingrown nail growth.

To better assist you in trimming your baby's nail, watch this short video below to see how you can easily trim the nails of your baby.

What to Do If You Do Cut a Fingertip?

Many parents accidentally nick their baby's fingertips, but don't be alarmed if this happens. Be sure to rinse the cut under water and apply pressure to the cut by wrapping a tissue around the cut. The bleeding should subside after a few minutes.

When learning how to cut baby nails and what to do if you clip the fingertip, you want to keep your baby safe. Never put a bandage on the cut as it will easily come off when they put their hands in their mouth, which can lead to choking. Avoid using liquid bandages as well since these can be sucked off just as easily as regular bandages. If the cut doesn't stop bleeding, then consult your baby's pediatrician.

How to Trim Baby Hair

This might be another question many moms ask. Trimming your baby's hair at home isn't that hard if you follow the tips below:

  • Invest in a pair of professional hair shears. These will give a cleaner more precise cut than the everyday scissors you have in your home.

  • It can be best to let your child watch their favorite television show as you trim their hair. You want to have them strapped in a high chair or a booster seat to keep them more still, so set the chair up in front of the television.

  • Avoid trying to drape a towel around your child as you trim their hair. Instead, have them wear an old T-shirt or nothing at all. Just be sure to bathe them after to rinse off all the small hairs.

  • Use a spray bottle to wet your child's hair. You want the hair to be damp, not soaked.

  • Cut one piece at a time. Hold a small section of the hair between your middle and index finger and snip. Cut about half an inch at a time.

When it comes to how to cut baby nails and hair, it is best to leave it to professionals who have more experience. Be sure to bring a small baggy along with you if you'd like to keep a lock of their hair or nail. You can bring a friend along to help record your child's first haircut or nail cut. Often times you will need to hold something to distract your child as they get their hair cut. If your child is too nervous to get their hair cut during the process, you might need to set them in your lap. This can help them calm down enough for the stylist to finish the job.


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