There is nothing better than climax, is there? However, many people face difficulty ejaculating with the slightest efforts like dry humping or a simple hand-job. When a guy stays erect for too long without actually reaching climax, the feeling of pleasure can turn into a painful erection for him, and this is known as blue balls. The easiest way to get him out of this pain is sex, but sometimes giving somebody blue balls can make him feel better when ejaculating. So how to give a guy blue balls intentionally?

How Do Guys Get Blue Balls?

Our bodies work in amazing ways. Men's reproductive organ, for example. Within a few seconds of arousal, his penis changes in shape, becomes hard, and expands up to inches! All this magic that goes on is simply the blood coming into his penis with more and more pressure than before, and not going back out because the veins that allow the blood from his penis to flow back swells and constraints it. The pressure and the increase of incoming blood in his beloved organ against the decrease in outgoing blood is why the organ expands and hardens (Many people refer it to as a "boner"). When a boner has been up for quite a while, all the pressure built inside it and his balls starts to hurt the man. He needs to get rid of the pressure to get rid of pain, which is done by ejaculation, which opens the veins again to let blood flow out as his muscles relax and he lets it go.

How to Give a Guy Blue Balls

The best way to give a guy blue balls is by locking his little soldier up in a chastity device, so that all your hard work does not go to trash. To explain how, it is really easy: try to bring him to climax and then suddenly stop, you leave him hanging and begging for it, of course, with blue balls. However, you must both be at consent with this kind of seduction because this act of leaving him hanging at the edge can irritate him and be painful for him. Many couples try the chastity device and it pleases them as the woman decides when or not to unlock his penis. Men are usually the ones who dominate in bed, and this can bring a twist in your sex life.

More Things You May Want to Know About Blue Balls

Girls're Not Responsible for It.

Now that you know what causes blue balls and how to give a guy blue balls, you should know that even though men might take advantage of this situation and convince a girl to have sex to relieve them of the pain, it is definitely not necessarily the girl's task. If you have not caused his blue balls, you are not restricted to make it go away. In fact, according to a doctor, having blue balls is nothing to be afraid of as it does not cause any damage. A man can get rid of his blue balls simply by masturbating till he ejaculates.

It's Really Rare.

In the world of medicine, doctors and other professionals disregard blue balls as an ordinary situation, and many even consider it only a myth. No real consideration of this situation has been made in years, and it was only realized when a young boy came across this problem. However, and as we know, his problem was solved once he became sexually active with his girlfriend.

Solution to Blue Balls.

To talk about practical solutions, there are some. It is already discussed that the swelling of the veins restricting the blood flow out of the penis causes this painful condition. So, to get rid of blue balls, we must reverse this biological trap made in the penis, that is, we must open those veins again. This can be done by ejaculating either by masturbation or whatever way the man may choose; or, alternatively, like we unclog our ears in an airplane through forcing air, a man may use a Valsalva Maneuver to force an exhalation to open the veins.  

Pain May Be Caused by Other Problems.

All concerns about reproductive organs are extremely sensitive and it must not be concluded that any pain caused during an erection is the pain from blue balls. While it may seem unlikely to you, there may be underlying medical conditions like urinary tract infection or such, that may be causing the pain. In such cases, obviously sex or ejaculation is not the answer. It is best to be safe, and hence, get checked if the pain is recurring. Knowing how to give a guy blue balls and how to release it, you can also help rule out whether your boyfriend is having blue balls or a medical condition.


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