It is true that you do get to choose the person you fall in love with or who you end up liking. However, it can put you in some trouble when you discover that the person you like is shy and finds it difficult to converse with girls. You just cannot get to know someone better unless you two communicate effectively. Thankfully, you can learn how to talk to a shy guy and take your relationship forward. Let's find out more about it.

How to Talk to a Shy Guy

Making a shy guy talk is never an easy task because you can easily hurt their ego and make them so uncomfortable that they will never come near you again. So you need to learn some ways to approach a shy guy.

Make Your Presence Felt

In order to make things easier, you need to ensure that the person you like notices your presence. You need to make yourself exist. If it feels like he has not noticed you, it may be true. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you know about your existence. Sometimes, you think he is being shy but he just does not know you are around him. So, learn how to be the center of attention to make them feel attracted to you.


Get Ready to Initiate Contact

You are going to have a hard time getting in a relationship with a shy guy if you are not that good at initiating conversations. You have to take charge of things. You know he is shy, so chances are he is just sitting, quietly waiting and hoping that you will make a move first. So, push yourself and take the plunge.


Be Very Sensitive

You do not want to act aggressive when you are around a shy guy. Some men may like aggressive girls, but that is not true with a shy person. You have to be careful when approaching him and understand that you can always say something that would hurt his feelings. So, avoid coming on too strong or else you would scare him away.


Learn About the Topics He Loves

A bit of research can really help you learn how to talk to a shy guy. As mentioned already, you might have to make the first move, but you can make it work only when you know a bit about the topics he loves. This will help you start a conversation and he will take part in it because you are talking about his favorite topic. It may not be all that simple though because shy men usually do not like what men stereotypically like, such as sports, cars, etc. So, proceed carefully.


Pay Attention to the Body Language

While talking to him, never ignore his body language. He may not say anything in words, but his body language will tell you a lot about how comfortable he is feeling while talking to you. If he maintains a lot of eye contact and even starts flirting back, you are doing just fine.


Use Different Communication Methods

Sometimes, your 'shy' guy is not that shy, especially when you change the mode of communication. It means that someone who does not talk a lot in front of you may share his true feelings when approached through cell phones or other technologies. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use different modes of communication to get to know him better. Once you develop an understanding of what he likes, you can make your personal meetings and conversations a lot more intimate.


Do Not Be Afraid to Act Shy

Being bold is a good thing but it may not always work with a shy guy. Sometimes, it is better to be quiet when around a shy person. You need to give them some time to get out of their 'shells' and be more receptive to what you say. This reverse psychology method works quite well with shy people because they feel that you are a shy person and they can relate to you in some ways. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to act shy sometimes.


Find Things to Do Together

You have to learn to connect to someone even when you are not talking to him. This is very important in order to learn how to talk to a shy guy. Some people feel connected when they talk to each other, while others feel connected while being in the same room and not talk at all. Therefore, it is a good idea to find things you can both enjoy while being together. It is okay if you are on the couch watching your favorite show and he is with you reading a book. You just need to feel that connection because it is very important when you are dating a shy person or an introvert.


Stay Calm

Yes, it is true that dating an introvert is not always easy, but it is certainly not as tricky as you might think. You just need to be calm and do not think that your shy guy needs special treatment. Just proceed carefully and do not rush into making things happen. Understand that even a shy person wants human connections and he will accept your friendship when given the opportunity. Just avoid making it difficult for them and never put them in awkward situations especially with people around them.


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