If you’re the kind of guy who is in touch with their feelings and are a good writer, then writing love letters is probably a walk in the park. However, most guys are not really good at this kind of thing. Formulating a romantic love letter need not be a drag. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of making your love letter better, here is a guide on how to write a love letter.

Essential Elements for Writing and Touching Love Letter

Though the format of a love letter does not matter that much because the most important thing is your true feelings, there are still many things that you should bear in mind.

Just Be Yourself

If you’re in doubt about your letter writing skills, then you might feel some fear when you get down to writing for the first time. You need to take control of the fear. Remember that you’re responsible for what you write and you really don’t have to follow a given format or writing style. Avoid the urge of copying someone else’s letter. Projecting your personality in the letter is the best thing you can do. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You shouldn’t worry too much about making it sound like a love letter.


Set the Mood

You need to set the right mood for letter writing. Go somewhere where you can write without distractions. Avoid carrying your phone or any other gadgets that will disrupt your train of thought. You can go further and create a romantic ambiance. Put on a love song that you both love as you write away. This is one of the critical tips on how to write a love letter.


Get in Touch With Your Feelings

There are those moments when you’ve felt very deeply about your lover. Conjure up the memories and the feelings of those moments when all you could think about was the love of your life. Experience the emotional and physical feeling of the moment and try to jot down the words come to mind. Describe the feeling in detail.


Think About the Person You Love

How did you fall in love? What attracted you to them? Was it their looks, character, smug smile, wit, or was it the way they said hi? Tell them about all the things you love about them and how much you value their presence in your life. Are they your best friend? Your soulmate? List down everything they mean to you. While it’s tempting, do not focus too much on the physical. Talk about their personality. Concentrating too much on their physical attributes will make them feel incomplete and shallow. What you include in the letter should be respectful and sensual. Avoid getting erotic.


The Past, Present and the Future

Every relationship has a past, present and a future. Reflect on the memories of the past that you share. Think about the present and jot down the things about them that bring joy to your daily life – how they sip their coffee, the little things they do for you, and maybe how they look at you. You should also talk about the things that excite you about your future plans together. This shows that you’re here to stay.


Last Day on Earth

Imagine it was your last day on earth. What would you tell your lover? This will give you some perspective on the things you really hold dear about your significant other. Don’t be shy. Jot down every little thing you would say if you were in this situation.

Tips on How to Write a Love Letter


State the Purpose

State the purpose for writing the letter. You don’t want your lover to misinterpret your intentions. You want them to know straight off the bat that it is a love letter. Start off with something like “You were in my thoughts today. I thought about our love, and how I don’t get round to telling you how I feel enough times. I just wanted to tell you that I love you very much.”



Remember the memories you were reflecting on in the previous section. This is where they come in. Recalling a shared memory in your relationship helps your lover relieve the precious and romantic moments you shared. For example you can say – “I still remember the way you looked the first time we met; the red dress, the dashing smile and the nervous look in your eyes when I said hello. I was completely tongue tied”.


Say What You Love about Her

In the next section, you should write about what excites you about her. This is where you transition from memory to the present. Let her know why you’re so crazy about her. Remember the things you jotted down earlier and write them down as sentences.


Talk about How They’ve Changed Your Life

Let them know that their presence in your life has brought about positive changes you could only have dreamt about. “Since you came into my life, I’ve completely changed for the better”.


Reaffirm your Commitment

They need to hear that you are planning on staying together for the long haul. Let them know that they’re an important part of your future and you won’t let anything stand in the way of your devotion, faithfulness and love. This is one of the most important tips on how to write a love letter.


To Sum Up

Close with a statement that describes how you feel about your love. Something along the lines of – “I can’t imagine living life without you.” or “You are my one and only and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Examples of the greatest love letters of all time:




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