It is generally believed that long distance relationship is just a waste of time and none of it is going to be successful. Most of you would be discouraged by your family and friends from being in a long distance relationship. To some extent, it is true that long distance relationships are hard to nurture and maintain. It needs so much of efforts and patience. But if you are able to maintain the trust and enthusiasm in the relationship, it is as satisfying as a real relationship. But what if you have no idea about what to do in such relation? Never mind; here are the best long distance relationship ideas to help you succeed.


Ask thoughtful questions

At times you would run out of topics to talk about. Usually, couples talk about their interest. But just try a different taste once. Try to ask some thoughtful questions. Let your partner open up and see how he or she thinks and perceives ideas. It’s also a good method to know each other well.


20 questions

One person chooses a person, object or place. The other person asks 20 question about the subject to which the answers will be just yes or no. With 20 questions the person has to guess the subject. This game gets better by practice. And it’s easier to guess objects compared to person or place. So, try starting with simple subjects.


Online magic

If you are inclined to simple magic, do not miss this one. All you need is a webcam. Both of you should learn some simple magic from some online sites and try to demonstrate it to each other. Trust me, this is going to be a lot more fun. Make the other person predict the secret of the magic. This is one of the best long distance relationship ideas if you are interested in magic.


Personality quizzes

There are a lot of personality quizzes over the internet. Well, most of them may be just funny ones. But each one of you should try and share each other’s score through screenshots.


Origami competition

You just need some paper and scissors to try this one. Just find an online site to make some paper product. Both of you should try to make it. And whoever finishes it first wins. You would also need a webcam for this. But believe me, it’s really fun.


Blind Drawing

One of the partners should find an image over the internet. Try to choose simple images first. He or she should then instruct the other partner how to draw that image. And the one who is drawing the image should try it without asking anything. This will show how good you are in communicating with each other. It is one of cute things to try for a long distance relationship. 


    Try list competition

    This one could test your general knowledge and intelligence. Just select a category and try to list out maximum names or contents from that category. Both of you should make separate lists. And whoever makes the maximum number of items in the list wins. For an example, the name of countries in Europe. But don’t cheat, okay! Do not google to find the items.


    Play board games online

    There are plenty of online games over the internet. You can play with each other online. If both of you are fond of chess, try it. And the games which let you chat in parallel are even more interesting.


    Watch movies together

    Well, the ones who are looking for long distance relationship ideas may think that they miss the theater so much. Watching a movie together is an unavoidable activity in any relationship. But let’s try to recreate it in long distance relationship. Choose an online movie site and watch a film together. But keep communicating with each other through call or chat.


    Bedtime stories

    If you have the habit of calling before sleep, try to spare 15 or 20 minutes. There are a lot of online sites which have interesting stories. One of you should read it for the other. Or you could even choose a book or novel. Make sure that the other person understands the story. Have conversations in between so that the other one does not fall asleep in between.


    Learn a new language

    Well, if you are in a relationship with a foreigner, this is going to be really beneficial to you. Try to learn his or her language. Or try to learn a new language. You don’t have to get a foreigner for this; you can even try this with a native by using some online sites that teach new languages.


    Photo Freeze

    Make an agreement with your partner that both of you could message each other the word ‘freeze’ at any point of time. And whenever this message is received, the one who received it should take an instant photo of him or her. This is going to be real fun. Try to capture your partner at the weirdest situations of the day.


    Photo Sharing

    You don’t need a class to learn this one; you already know it and must have done it. But try to make some difference in it. Photo sharing can be fun if each one of you asks the other person to pose in a funny way. Specify a funny pose or funny face and ask your partner to click a photo so. And each one should take turns.


    Story Builder

    This is one of the best long distance relationship ideas to have fun. One should start to build the story by making the first sentence. The other one should make the second sentence and so forth. You can even try making 2 sentences at a turn. But make sure that both of you are making some progress. Do not just concentrate on the details. Try to focus on the content, lest the story would be boring and without any progress.


    Drinking/Meal Date

    As it’s a long distance relationship, you may not be able to have a drink/meal date in real. But let’s try to make it online. Have a Skype date with drinks or foods. Both of you could even choose your favorite ones. And talk to each other as if it’s real.


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