What drives a country's sexual desire? You might be surprised to find that some of the most conservative countries are heating it up in the bedroom. We didn't just look at what countries are having the most sex, but which countries claim to be the most sexually satisfied. While some countries have open policy about sex acts and some countries seem to be more promiscuous, this list of most sexual countries might just surprise you.

The Most Sexual Countries Around the World



Italy is thought of to be one of the most romantic places in the world but while Italy makes our top list, they are not the most sexually active country around. On average, couples have sex about 121 times a year, but they begin the art of seduction way before reaching the bedroom. It is no wonder Italians are passionate about food, as food and sex are directly linked to one another.



Is it the plethora of nude beaches, early sex education, or the famous red light district that puts the Netherlands on our list? It's a combination of all these things. The Netherlands is viewed as one of the most notable pro-sex countries with both men and women being more open about sex. However, the Dutch are afraid of speaking their desires when it comes to the bedroom, which is probably why they are one of the most sexually satisfied countries.



With the combination of legal prostitution and early sex education programs, it shouldn't be a surprise that Switzerland is one of the most sexually satisfied countries around, with the average couple having sex close to 123 times a year and nearly 32% of people have admitted to having sex in public. Surprisingly, Switzerland yields the lowest number of teen birth rates in the world, which could be due to sex education starting around kindergarten.



Mexico is considered one of the horniest countries in the world, so it is no wonder that most people in Mexico are having sex around 123 times a year. Their increased sex drive might be a combination of their candidness towards sex education and the fact that sex work is decriminalized. In any case, Mexico definitely makes the list of one of the most sexual countries.



Even though most people wait to lose their virginity until they are about 22, India is consistently one of the most sexually satisfied countries in the world. With most people have sex around 130 times a year, they approach sex differently than most places. Most men will focus more on the seduction part of the act, while the actual act may be quick.



While Poland may seem more conservative, the average person having sex is about 143 times a year. Poland has earned the name as one of the horniest countries in the world. The annual Eroticon festival may have something to do with their sexual satisfaction.



The Greeks are fairly open about their sex lives and desires which is probably why they are having more sex than most other countries. Most Greeks are having sex about 164 times a year which is more than just about any other country. Not only are they have more sex than any other country, their time spent on it is longer than any other country with a typical sexual encounter lasting around 24 minutes.



Spain is not shy about showing off the human body with a wide range of nude beaches and topping the chart as the world's best male lovers and our list of most sexual countries. More than a quarter of the population has stated that their sexual performance and satisfaction was excellent. The overall sexual satisfaction among individuals increased when they found themselves a stable and steady sexual partner.



Australia makes our list for a number of different reasons. Nearly 30% of Aussies are sexually satisfied and tend to have some of the more promiscuous people in the world. Most Australians are more adventurous with where they have sex and are more open to threesomes.



The Brazilians have sex on average about 145 times a year, or at least three times a week. Brazilian men rank as the second best lovers in the world and most Brazilians lose their virginity at a much younger age than just about any other nation.



Russians are having sex on average about 143 times or at least once a week. Moscow has been growing in terms of steamy night spots where strippers and easy hook ups are plentiful.



While on the outside China is viewed as one of the most conservative countries behind closed doors, people are getting busy. Most of the Chinese population has sex at least once a week or 122 times a year. Over the past ten years, this number has increased primarily due to technology and the fact that nearly 70% of sex toys are manufactured in China. While they may not be one of the most sexual countries yet, they are surely making their way up the list.


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