While many of us think that the “perfect man” is an illusion, it might just be that we have the misconception that there is just one type of perfect man. Men are as complex and different as women are, but the perfect one has some telling qualities that will give you a clue if he's worth investing the time into. Perfect man qualities aren't necessary those based on appearance; profession or even temperament, keep reading to find out what the traits are really important for being a perfect man. 

Qualities Women Want for a Mr. Perfect


He doesn't lie.

Have an honest and trusting relationship is a key for a long lasting relationship. Everyone who has found their perfect guy will agree that honesty is crucial in their relationship. If he can't even be honest about how he thinks you look in an outfit, chances are he will also lie about where he is, who he's with and even worse what he really feels.


He's open to try new things.

Finding a guy who is open minded means you know he's not going to judge you for the things you like or want. He will be willing to try anything once and will actually listen to others' opinions and accept your difference without turning it into a heated argument.


He's funny.

Laughter is one of the best medicines, so finding a guy who can make you laugh will make getting through tough times a little easier. If he can make you laugh when you need it, that shows he is capable of being nurturing in your relationship.


You can depend on them.

The perfect guy doesn't have to be a knight in shining armour, but he does have to be there when you need him. A caring and thoughtful guy who listens to you and shows that they aren't just interested in themselves is one worth keeping.


He has goals.

A man who has ambition is highly attractive. If you find a guy that sets goals, knows what he wants from his life and is actively trying to achieve those goals, he's someone worth investing the time in. Guys with ambition are much better at being encouraging when it comes to the goals you want to achieve. Guys who don't have much ambition will often be the ones trying to hold you back from reaching your own.


He keeps things interesting.

For a relationship to last, it needs to have some surprises, so one of the perfect man qualities you should look for is spontaneity. They will help keep the relationship fresh and exciting even after you have been together for years. You won't have to worry things getting boring or stale because he will always be planning something interesting just for the two of you to keep your fire burning for one another.


He listens.

Communication is essential for any relationship to make it for the long haul and being able to listen to one another is necessary if you want to be able to talk to each other. Not only will your perfect guy listen to what you have to say, he will genuinely be interested and care. If he is a good listener, not only will he be able to be supportive in your times of need, but also you won't work hard through the problems your relationship might face.


He's confident.

Women know that when a man is confident with himself, he will ensure that she feels confident with herself, too. He isn't cocky but he is comfortable in his own skin and can handle anything thrown at him with calmness and a clear head.


He has a romantic side.

Romance adds passion into a relationship which is why it is a quality most women look for in a guy. At the beginning, he may be more romantic, but as the relationship progresses, he needs to put effort into making romantic gestures. This reassures a woman that no matter how long the relationship may last, because they know he will always be there to add in a little passion.


He looks at a relationship as a team effort.

For women, one of the major perfect man qualities is simply that he treats her like an equal. When they are in a committed and long term relationship, a woman wants to be assured that her partner will stand beside her, not in front of her. He will show her respect and will be encouraging, supportive and there to help her in any way he can, just as she would do the same for him.


He has integrity.

A man that shows integrity is highly attractive to women. He knows the consequences of telling the truth and will do it anyway because he also knows how much more damaging the lie can be. A man with integrity is a man that will ultimately be a caring, kind and ideal partner in the long run.


You share the same values and beliefs.

While this one may seem obvious for most, it is a common quality that gets easily overlooked. If you are looking to have a future with one another, you have to make sure you both have the same values and beliefs on the bigger issues. Whether it is religion, lifestyles, children or any other life change that can happen, you want to make sure you both are on the same page before getting too serious.


He's intelligent.

About every woman thinks it is a turn on when they meet a guy who can carry on an intelligent conversation. Guys who try to impress you with their intelligence instead of a lame pick-up line is one that will instantly get more attention from the ladies.


He's respectful.

A guy who not only respects you but also your friends and family is definitely one that has some favorable qualities. He doesn't make judgments of you or others based on your past or what other may say behind your back. Women want someone they can feel comfortable with and a guy who respects the fact that she has her own beliefs and ideas is one worth investing in.


He shows compassion.

Compassion is one of the most favorable perfect man qualities, especially for older women. When a man can show kindness to others and be caring without expecting anything in return, that is an important quality to have. He puts himself in other people's shoes to fully understand their circumstance and situation but does so without judgment. How could he not be loved?


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