Without enough protein in your diet, you will not have enough energy to handle your day-to-day tasks. Protein is essential for your metabolism and it also helps keep your blood sugar levels stable. Every single cell in your body needs protein to function properly. You cannot hope to build muscle mass without enough protein. You also need it for better digestion, neurological function, and hormonal balance. Thankfully, you can find food rich in protein to increase your intake and enjoy several benefits.

Best Protein Rich Foods

Protein is important for your overall health – men need at least 56g of protein a day, whereas women should get at least 46g of protein daily. Whether you want to build muscle mass or reduce weight, it always helps to increase your protein intake in a natural way. This is when you can include the following foods in your diet.

Green Peas

Most foods in the legume family will provide you with a good amount of vegetarian protein, but peas are one of the best options because a single cup provides you with 7.9g of protein. You can enjoy peas as a side dish or blend peas, fresh mint, toasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and olive oil together.



You get some protein from most grains, but quinoa is different because it is technically a seed and provides you with 8g of protein per cup, making it one of the best protein rich foods. You also get all nine essential amino acids from each serving of quinoa. You can add quinoa to soup or serve with fruit and brown sugar as a breakfast cereal.


Nuts and Nut Butter

You get fats and protein from nuts, but you need to eat in moderation because they are high in calories. Cashews, almonds, and pistachios are all good sources of protein with each ounce providing you with up to 6g of protein. Keep in mind that each serving also provides you with 160 calories. So, eat in moderation and also avoid the ones with added sugars and hydrogenated oils.



You can find many types of beans, including white, black, heirloom, pinto, and more. The good thing is that they all are rich in protein. You get about 26g of protein from 2 cups of kidney beans. You can easily buy them dried and soak them for a while to include in your diet and increase your intake of protein. You can also buy canned beans to get some added protein.



Meat will always be on the list of protein rich food, but you will be better off getting it from white meats. Red meat provides you with protein but contains unhealthy fat as well. Chicken is a better option because a 4-ounce serving provides you with 32g of protein with little cholesterol and fat. Keep in mind that dark meat is a richer source of protein, but it also has a higher concentration of fats and cholesterol. You get 17g of protein from 58g of chicken breasts, but it is better to stick to lean meats. You can also opt for fish to get a good amount of protein.


Dairy Products

Yogurt, milk, cheese, cream, and other dairy products are rich sources of protein. You also get loads of essential minerals and vitamins from dairy products. Dairy products also provide you with calcium, which helps keep your bones and teeth healthy. It is better to opt for low-fat dairy products. Similarly, skimmed milk is a healthier option, especially if your main objective is to get more protein. You get about 16g of protein from a half cup serving of low-fat cottage cheese – it contains 90 calories. Low-fat Swiss cheese is also a good option, but it only provides you with 8g of protein. A 100g serving of Romano cheese provides you with 9g of protein.



Looking for protein rich food? Try banana! Bananas provide you with so many nutrients, including protein. You get about 4g of protein from every 100g serving of bananas. It is okay to eat them whole or enjoy them as a milkshake. Some people also use raw bananas to prepare a curry. No matter how you consume it, just ensure it has a place in your diet.



Just like red meat, seafood provides you with a good amount of protein but the good thing is that it is not that high in fats. You get 20g of protein from a 3-ounce serving of salmon. At the same time, it provides you with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for your overall health. Similarly, a 100g serving of tuna contains 24g of protein, whereas the same serving of codfish offers 20g of protein.



Each serving of cauliflower offers 3g of protein along with loads of vitamin-K, which helps lower inflammation in the body. You also get a good amount of fiber from each serving of cauliflower, which is good for your digestive system. You can add cauliflower to your soups or make a tasty curry.


Hardboiled Eggs

Each hardboiled egg provides you with 6g of quality protein, which is why it has to be on the list of protein rich food. It is true that eggs are high in cholesterol, but new studies show that you do not have to worry about that cholesterol content, so long as you eat in moderation. Along with protein, you also get vitamin B12, vitamin D, and many other nutrients from each egg.


Greek Yogurt

A container of Greek yogurt provides you with 12-20g of protein. If your goal is to get more protein, it makes perfect sense to replace traditional yogurt with Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency and is rich in protein. Its sugar content is not that high either. It also provides you with loads of calcium as well as healthy bacteria.



A cup of chopped broccoli provides you with 3g of protein along with 31 calories. The good thing is that it also provides you with a good amount of vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. It also contains antioxidants and bioactive nutrients that may help lower your risk of cancer.


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