There are many things you can be forgiven for, but when it comes to the things you say to your wife or girlfriend, you won't always be so easily forgiven. Saying the wrong thing to your significant other is something you will regret instantly and never forget for the rest of your life or at least the rest of your relationship. If you want to avoid this lifetime of regret, memorize these things not to say to a girl and remember sometimes it is best just to keep your mouth shut.


My Ex and I used to do this in bed, can we try it?

You never want to compare your current girlfriend with your ex, especially when it comes to things you do behind closed doors. Not only will this kill the mood for her, it can be guaranteed that she won't be in the mood for a long time. 


I don't like hanging out with your friends.

The only time it may be OK to tell your girlfriend that you don't like her friends is if they horribly influence on her life. Chances are she doesn't really like many of your friends either, but she has enough respect for you and doesn't say it. If you really despise hanging out with her friends, why not suggest meeting some new couples to hang out with every once in a while?


You look like you've gained some weight.

This should be obvious, but it gets said more often than it should. If she has put on some weight, she probably knows she has and doesn't need the reminder. Unless you have the perfect physique yourself, never mention her weight. Even if you do, still don't do it, instead, ask to do something more active. This way you both can get a workout in and she will feel better for it.


That's what you're wearing?

Whether it is something she doesn't typically put on or something that doesn't flatter her, there are better ways of saying this. You might want to suggest something different that is more flattering, but never make it seem like you don't like what she already has on. When it comes to things not to say to a girl, this one makes you seem shallow and can be taken as a way of controlling her.


How did you like that?

When it comes to conversations after sex, you want to avoid anything along the lines of “was it good for you?” It's an awkward question to answer and one she might have to lie about. Instead of asking how she liked it, tell her how amazing she was. She'll respond to this flattery most likely by flattering you and she won't feel awkward doing so.


How many guys have you slept with?

Yes, you want to know about her past relationship, but this is a question you never want her to answer, just like you might not want to fess up to how many people you've slept with. This question most often does more damage to a relationship than you'd realize, no matter what number she gives you. Instead, ask her how many long term relationships she has been in. This should give you a rough estimate that won't haunt your relationship.


You must be on your period.

There is nothing that can get on a woman’s nerve faster than a man pointing out that her actions are only justifiable because of her hormones at a specific time of the month. This is never the appropriate thing to say to a girl. It makes their emotions, thoughts, and feelings seem invalid. 


Calling her a bitch.

What are the things not to say to a girl? Calling a woman a derogatory name is never a good idea and is one of the easiest ways you can turn her off from you. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.


I can't talk about sports with you.

This is not just with sports; you can insert any “male” interest and you may offend a girl who probably knows more than you. Just because she is a girl doesn't mean she can't carry a conversation on about popular male activities. Before you categorize her as just another female, give her the chance to prove you wrong.


Agreeing with her that someone else looked hot.

Simply stating that you think someone else is hot should not be said. You can compliment her friends or her family by saying they are fun, friendly, or cool, but under no circumstance should you ever compliment another woman’s physical appearance in front of her. Even if she makes the statement first, and even if you agree, don't come out and say. Instead, compliment her. If you agree the other person she said was so hot, it is probably making her feel a little insecure.


You're not having anything else?

When it comes to making a statement about how much she eats, whether it's a lot or a little, it can be pretty annoying. If she has done a huge dinner, don't comment on how much she ate. Likewise, if she is choosing to only eat a small salad, let it go. These kinds of comments will only aggravate her and want her to skip the meal altogether.


Comparing your girlfriend to your ex or mom.

Things not to say to a girl include any comparison to other women. You definitely don't want to say your ex liked the same things as she does and you absolutely do not want to say that your girlfriend reminds you of your mom.


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