While turning a woman on has a lot to do with how attracted she is to you and if she is simply in the mood, there are other things that can make her want you even more. Knowing what she likes, her fantasies and ways to excited her can give you a better chance of getting her in the bedroom. Here is a list of things that turn girls on that every guy will want to know and should not miss. 


Just ask

Women can be complex and knowing what they really like in the bedroom will take a long time to simply try to guess at. When it comes to knowing what really gets her excited and whether she is more dominate or likes to be tied up is to just ask her. Not only will this give you a better idea of what she likes, but women also find it a turn on to know their partner is interested in pleasing her.


Play with her hair

Brushing the hair away from her face or tucking it behind her ear is a surefire way to to get her in the mood. This simple gesture tells her that you care about her and it's sweet and romantic to most women. When a man runs his fingers through a woman’s hair, something magical will send a jolt of excitement through her.


Dress to impress

You don't have to go all out every day with a suit and tie but keeping yourself well groomed is a major turn on. Every woman’s taste will vary from what they find attractive; some like beards, some like tattoos, chances are if you fit her ideal image of a man, then you’re already turning her on.


Know where to touch her

One of the sure things that turn girls on is by subtle touching! There are multiple spots on a woman that are known to turn her on. Her neck, arms, face and hair are all areas you'll want to gently caress if you are trying to get her in the mood.


Perfect your kissing game

There are some men who can turn on a woman just by kissing them! Being a good kisser is key if you want to turn her on. If you don't know how to kiss her right, how can you expect to move on to anything else more intimate?


Show some affection

You don't have to show her with cute romantic gestures all the time. Holding her hand when the two of you are home alone or giving her a kiss on the check when she comes near you is all it will take sometimes to turn her on. Show her you care with little gestures of affection. It works well; just try. 


Take charge

This isn't just in the bedroom; you want to plan out some of the dates or activities you two do together. Women love not having to make all the dating decisions when it comes to a relationship, so surprise her by planning out a romantic evening where all she has to do is to decide what to wear.


Use you words

One of the best ways you can turn a girl on isn't by being physical body, it's with your words. If you want to get her thinking about sex, then you have to know how to subtly drop verbal clues to get her thinking about sex.


Use food to seduce her

Women love food just as much as men do and one way you can really turn her on is to cook for her. Not only will she be impressed but there are plenty of foods you can include in your meal that are known aphrodisiacs.


Be strong

While physical strength and muscles are a turn on, be strong is more than just physical strength. Women want a man they feel safe and secure with - someone who will be able to stay calm when an emergency arises and to help keep them calm as well.


Make a deeper connection

One of the things that turn girls on is to let she know your inside and out. You'll want to share your thoughts, goals, and even where you think the relationship is going. She can also feel your sex desires and need more easily which can turn her on quickly. 


Be confident

While you don't want to be overly confident knowing what you want and going after, having confidence is usually rated as one of the most important traits for a man to have. So if you aren't walking tall and acting confident, this is one thing you'll want to work on to turn her on.


Be funny

Women love to laugh and they are typically attracted to a man who doesn't take themselves seriously all the time. Being able to make her laugh as well as being able to take the jokes she throws your way will really lighten the mood and give you plenty of opportunities to get close and make some moves.


Be chivalrous

Some women may not like the idea of a man holding doors open for them, but most women find it refreshing. Being chivalrous shows your women respect and pulling her chair out for her is a simple romantic gesture that she won't forget.


Know some things

Intelligence is a major turn on for women for a number of reasons. Not only is it just alluring to hear a man talk about more than sports and cars, but it leads to more significant conversations. Women love to be enlightened, so if you can keep her engaged in a conversation about literature, current events or anything else that she is interested in, it is always a plus.


Be adventurous

A guy with a bit of a dangerous side is a huge turn on. Being adventurous lets your lady know that you're not boring, which she'll relate to keeping your relationship interesting. Be a little daring and adventurous and show that to her. 


Do the housework

Things that turn girls on aren't always lavish. Taking on some of the household chores or even cleaning the entire place one day to surprise her will score you some major points. This is especially true if you know she's had a rough day. Nothing will turn her on more than arriving at a clean house.


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