It's not just short skirts and a ton of cleavage that grabs a guy's attention and keeps them happy. Instead, guys fall for the little things that girls do without even knowing it. Wondering just what boys like in girls? Read on to learn just what keeps guys happy in your relationships.

Do You Know Boys Like These in Girls?



A woman's smile tends to be one of the first things a guy will notice about them. There is something that simply captivates a man when a woman genuinely smiles in their direction. The fact that girls have an arsenal of different smiles depending on the situation is another reason they become so intrigued by the way a woman smiles.



Men love the way girls smell. Whether it's fruity or floral, women tend to leave a trail of their scent behind them that men can't get enough of. From their hair to their skin, they love how each girl has her own unique and irresistible smell.



Guys are always trying to make girls laugh for many reasons. Not only do they simply want to see the girl smile, but there is something that can be so infectious about how a girl laughs. They love hearing their girl laugh no matter what it sounds like to anyone else. They are also amazed by how women can so easily go from crying one second to laughing the next.


Genuinely sweet

Even when they try to hide behind a tough girl persona, every girl has a sweet side. They love how girls can so easily tap into the genuine side even when they keep it hidden from everyone else. It also makes boys feel extra special when they are on the receiving end of this kindness.


The way they sleep

What boys like in girls can be something girls never even realize. They will often never be aware of how many times their guy is just satisfied watching them sleep. If he wakes up before you or you fall asleep before him, there's a good chance he's spent a few minutes just watching you peacefully asleep. You may not be the prettiest when you sleep, as no one is all the time, but if he's really into you, the faces won't make the love any less.



While it can sometimes get frustrating, and he will most likely never admit it, he adores how stubborn you can be sometimes. While he may not enjoy arguing with you when he know you're wrong and also knows you know you're wrong too, he loves the fire and the persistence you show.


How they get ready

Having to wait an hour for your toe get ready and always end up being late is annoying and frustrating for guys. But as frustrating as it may be, they love the way you look after you've spent the time to make yourself look even more perfect than before.



Whether it's how you drink your coffee, keep things organized, or your sense of style, there are little quirks that make a guy smitten with you. What boys like in girls is when they aren't afraid to show off these little quirks. While some guys may find it odd, others will fall in love with these things every single time.


What they wear

This doesn't mean the sexy tight fit dress or low cut shirt all the time, thought most guys will totally love it when their girl dresses sexy, this also means when they don't have to get all dressed up. What really turns a guy on and what he likes most in a woman is the way she can look stunning on sneakers, t-shirt, and jeans. 


Don't hide your emotions

While guys hide away their emotions, girls are often the complete opposite. Girls aren't afraid to let it be known how they are feeling and love when a girls turns to them for comfort. While sometimes this can be a bit hard for guys to handle, they will love the fact that you feel comfortable enough to show your emotions around them.


The little things

From sweet kisses on the cheek to a soft touch of the arms, guys melt over all the little things girls do to show their affection. Guys don't need grand gestures and women are especially skilled and know how to show a guy she is thinking about him in the most subtle ways. Just do it!


Shy to confident

What boys like in girls? It can go from being completely shy one second and then fiercely confident the next. This is one intriguing quality he is fascinated by - he loves the way you surprise him with these quick shifts and loves watching you hold your head up high.


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