What’s your definition of a real deal man? We all have different choices and tastes about different things. When it comes to finding your dream guy, women have their own standards and preferences. There are a few essential traits that each woman wants in her man. Even science has researched on male-female attraction dynamics to conclude what makes a man attractive to her. Here we have enlisted a few that every woman desires.

Which Traits Do Women Find Attractive in Men?


He Mustn’t Be a Lilliputian!

For a woman, height is something that really matters in her man. We have been growing up listening to the words like ‘tall, dark and handsome’. So, in the first place, a man must be tall enough to make women feel protected.


Stubbly Chins!

Those stiff hairs on his chiseled jaws is a secret turn-on for every woman. A rough and tough look is talk of the town. Most of the women, these days are preferring their men to have that facial stubble. Clean shaved faces or complete beards are fading away, though it feels rough sometimes.


Hairy Chest

What else in you can steal her heart? A hairy chest no doubt! Though most of the men prefer trimming their chests (they don’t want to look like wooly mammoth), girls are crazy about it. It’s a masculine era and women are loving that ‘macho’ man look. Hairy chests are something they simply feel crazy about.


His Deep Masculine Voice!

That sexy, husky voice of a man can leave the ladies spellbound. For ladies, a man with a masculine voice, is more dependable and confident. That’s how (image below) ladies feel in their heart, when they experience a manly voice.


Sense of Humor

Other than having masculine physique, he should be good enough to make others laugh. A good sense of humor really attracts a woman. It’s the indication of his intelligence (for a woman at least).


Soft Eyes and Chiseled Jawline

He should be a handsome hunk. Manly, chiseled jaws must be paired with soft, romantic eyes. That’s a deadly combination that really has the power to send a zing of warmth through all the ladies.


Passion for Something!

Women look for passionate men, not just in bed but in all their actions. Be it work or entertainment. The guys who follow certain passions like reading books, playing guitar or getting mad after their favorite sports, are women’s ideal men than the ones who are always sitting at home, killing time, doing nothing.


Well-shaped Physique

What makes a man more attractive, it’s not just that hairy chest, but a skillfully chiseled body has also the power of drawing her attention. A man’s chest and abs’ muscles are the biggest attractions for woman. Moreover, she notices his shoulder to hip ratio (broad shoulders and narrow hips).


Financial and Social Stability

A financially secured man (even without good looks) is always more acceptable than a good-looking guy with no financial strength. According to the general conception, if someone is financially strong, they make peaceful and less stressed partners. Social stability means his good reputation and social value. Instead of a loner, sitting by her side the whole day, what attracts her, is a man with great social contacts.


His Honesty!

Just good looks of a guy are not enough. Women are also attracted towards men who are as good inside as they seem from outside. That’s a very rare combination as most of the men have crummy insides. Ladies want men, they can trust completely, leaving no space for cheating and lying.


Strong Guy with Soft Heart!

What makes a man attractive is his soft heart. Any woman would simply die for a strong guy who cries like a baby, while watching a soppy movie. Girls find that really cute.


Their Eyeglasses!

To some eyeglasses are just an accessory but it is one of the coolest turn-ons for a whopping majority of women. Women love to date a man wearing glasses. A man with glasses gives the impression of a mature and responsible person. And that’s something, girls aspire for.


His Fondness for her!

Some men are more expressive of their feelings towards women while some don’t feel comfortable doing that. Girls dream their men to be romantic, expressive, involved in hugging and kissing most of the times. For girls, this gesture of fondness strengthens their connection. Are you that type of man?


His Occasional Vulnerability!

Every man, no matter how strong he is, is vulnerable. They have to face bad days. Some men simply keep their emotions shut inside their hearts because they don’t want to reveal a weaker side of them while some are brave enough to share their feelings by interacting with the women they love. This vulnerability is what makes a man attractive because that’s what women want. They like their men to open up their hearts in front of them.


His Silvery Temples

Women these days are loving the good-looking guys with a slight touch of grey in their hair. Women take these silvery locks as signs of sophistication and maturity. Famous personalities like George Clooney, Laurence Nicotra, Max Joseph or Michael Justin might be their inspirations. So, if any man out there wants to attract some ladies, maybe it’s time to experiment with your hair.


All in all, He Should Be Dependable!

An independent man with great leadership qualities is always welcomed by the women. Ladies find such men more reliable and feel secured and protected in their company. To them, a dependable man is a good decision maker. And this makes him capable of taking control of many edgy situations.


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