In a world where women are hugely favored, men seem to have lost the importance that was once given to their emotions and feelings. First sex experience is a beautiful yet nervous time of everyone's lives, be it men or women. Women have been widely known to experience a little pain during the first time and their virginity is a very important part of their lives, however, has anyone ever wondered what does a man's loss of virginity means to him? Let's look at some opinions from men who have done the deed, to find that out.

What Have Men Felt for Their First Sex Experience?

​According to various resources, men feel just as nervous as women during their first time. Obviously, moving out of first base into this mature session requires skills that everyone is either scared to fail at, or excited to try. Men specifically are more excited and pleased during the first experience, but more anxious than women. Women, on the other hand, are often guilty of it. Well, both men and women have different feelings for first time, but everyone will experience differently, right. Read on to find out what men have expected and gotten on their first times.

Anonymous, Age 21

I have quite a story about my first time, which I had great expectations from since I started masturbating, but unfortunately, like many others, all my expectations weren't met. I lost my virginity at 21 with a girl whom I had made out with quite a few times, but due to antidepressants, anxiety, and ED, I didn't really enjoy the first sex with her as much as I had imagined.


Anonymous, Age Unknown

Men want to be a sex god because they have fantasized about it so many times, and I wanted that too but reality wasn't what I wanted. The nervousness about how I was doing made it difficult to last long. It is my advice to men to do foreplay and please their girl first, and then please themselves.


Dante, Age 25

I had a lot of pressure since women are usually expecting a lot from men. I was not only nervous like other men are at this point, but I was actually scared that I might hurt my girl during the deed since women do feel pain (however pleasing that is late) during their first few times. I was worried she might bleed!


Anonymous, 31

Losing virginity is a big deal not only for girls, but for boys as well. I lost my virginity on a barracks floor, and had my first sex experience right before my birthday. What a gift, right?! Well, not so right... it didn't go all too well. I did not, or could not, reach orgasm during this time, and just took huge breaths in the process. However, despite the expectations not being met, I felt fine about it.


Svan, 26

I lost it with my girlfriend of 3 months, which made it really special for me even today. When the time had finally come, and unlike what I had predicted, my physical excitement was contrasted by my emotional confusion. Overall, the performance was just okay, and I finished too fast, but it was special because I lost it with a special girl I like instead of a one night stand.


Marc, 38

I did the deed for the first time with a guy, and maybe one of the very few men who actually enjoyed the first time they lost their virginity. I drove to my boyfriend's house, and simply submitted to the skilled and experienced boyfriend. This was the reason why my time and experience in that bedroom left me all satisfied and happy. I admit that I couldn't hide my wide smile afterwards.


Mike, 37

Interestingly, I had tried for quite a long time to lose my virginity with my virgin girlfriend, but it did not work out. The girl was not lubricated enough, the condom was too small for me, and it was all a failure. However, after our break-up (we both were still virgins), my latter non-virgin girlfriend taught me what to do and how to do it. I lost my virginity with her, and had a great time.


Reginald, 43

Like many other men, I also recall my first time with a girl quite disappointing. Since virginity means so much to every individual, I was quite nervous when losing it, which made me lose my erection very often during the first experience. However, to improve it, I talked about my nervousness and all feelings of insecurity to my girlfriend, which resulted in much better future performances.


Matt, 35

I have a very devastating story about my first sex experience. When we did it, I did what I had saw in porn and got a little too excited to keep track of what the girl would be comfortable with. It turned out only afterwards that the girl was on her PERIOD, with all her blood on my legs. So much for a first time, eh? I was too afraid to have sex again at least for the next two years.


Tom, 28

Very confident yet inexperienced, I made the wise decision to delay losing my virginity until I knew my girl and her body a little better. When I felt the time was right, we did it, and it felt pretty good for me. I, however, had managed to keep my virginity a secret from my experienced girlfriend, because I believed that it might bring down my confidence in front of her. I told her six months later that I was a virgin when I had sex with her, imagine that.


Chris, 41

Despite the fact that I was not so nervous as much to lose my erection or so, I was confident yet lacked the control and experience needed in sex. Therefore, I came too early - and by early, I mean even before we actually started intercourse...


Red, 23

Since many people prefer losing their virginity to someone they are emotionally attached with, I decided to do otherwise and lost it with a work supervisor who was experienced and attracted to me. I did not consider this a very important thing, so emotional attachment did not matter much to me, but the experience, despite being good enough, was not very memorable.


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