Is your Scorpio man really that into you? Born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November, Scorpio men are greatly influenced by water elements and can be romantics that crave intimacy. While they may be more affectionate than other signs, they can also be difficult to read just like any other man. So how can you tell when a Scorpio man in love with you? You'll learn that and how you can keep your relationship going strong in this article.

What Are the Signs That a Scorpio Man Loves You?

While Scorpio men can be intense and highly romantic, they are not the flirty type. While they may have eyes only for you, you are going to want to know how to read these signs he is giving you, so you are sure it is you that he is interested in.

He can get jealous.

When he is into you, he will become slightly protective of you. While he may not be showering you with overly romantic gestures, he will get jealous when you are giving your time or attention to someone else.


He only shows it.

Scorpio men never settle and can be extravagant. At first, he may seem like he isn't interested in you at all because he is actually silently watching you from the sidelines. He won't go right up to you until he has determined that you are a worthy partner. If he has fallen for you, you should feel flattered because he won't give attention to just anyone. He will shower you with gifts and has no problem spending money on you.


He will be faithful.

He will not tolerate someone who plays games with his emotions. He places trust, honesty, and love as a top priority and he will be incredibly devoted to you. You can rest assured that being in a relationship with Scorpio man in love will not be one that is full of unfaithfulness but will be one where he is completely devoted to you.


Expect compliments.

While he will love staring intently at you, that's not the only way he will show his affections. He will give you plenty of attention through compliments and by making you laugh. A Scorpio will be respectful and will go out of his way to make you feel special.


He'll make more time for you.

If he is into you, he will make sure he has time for you. He will want to visit you and talk to you as much as possible. This will be his way of finding out more about you that he hasn't figured out on his own.


He'll want to get to know you.

If he starts asking you more questions and showing more interest in knowing more about you, then he is definitely thinking about getting more serious. Scorpios will tend to ask more questions when they are trying to figure out their own emotions. They will also start to open up more about themselves to you.

What Do You Need to Know for a Good Relationship with a Scorpio Man?


He's a mother's boy.

While most men will have a special bond with their mothers, Scorpio men tend to have a more complex relationship with his mother. You will quickly learn the relationship he has with his mother is similar to the relationship he will expect with you. You'll have to learn how to handle his tantrums at times and his need to have you there at his beck and call. Luckily, this behavior shouldn't last for long, a Scorpio man in love just wants to know you are not trying to control him.


He likes mystery.

You won't need to be provocative to capture a Scorpio's attention, he will be more interested in you if you leave more to the imagination. He likes mystery in his partner both in appearance and intellect. This can be a bit of a challenge because once the mystery fades, he can get bored easily. The secret to keeping a Scorpio man interested in you is to always keep him on his toes and don't tell him everything about yourself all at once.


He can be a little obsessive compulsive.

Scorpio men aren't afraid to spend money but, remember they only want the best of the best. This will result in knowing about every detail in a purchase he is about to make from the materials used to the hands that made it. Be prepared to have anything but a typical night out with him and if you are ever shopping for something together, be prepared that he isn't just going to settle on the first thing you might like.


They can be selfish.

If you are dating a Scorpio, then be prepared to for a little selfishness. He will completely devote himself to you and he expects the same treatment from you. This means, that if you keep in touch with any of your exes, you'll have to cut them loose. Your Scorpio man won't tolerate you give your time or attention to another guy that isn't him. This can be one trait that is hard to handle for many women.


There will be plenty of highs and lows.

A Scorpio man in love will push your relationship to the lowest point and the highest points. You will go through plenty of breaks but just as many makeups. For a Scorpio, testing the relationship is what builds the foundation for a strong and long-lasting commitment.


All or nothing.

When a Scorpio falls in love, they won't only put in half the effort nor will they stop putting in the effort as you grow older together. Be prepared to be swept off your feet and not just at the beginning of your relationship, but for the rest of your life. He will give you all the time.


He is dominate.

While some men need to have someone cheering for them in their corner, a Scorpio man is too independent for that. He can be dominating at times especially when it comes to obtaining a goal. He may like to have control over the relationship just as he likes to have control over everything in the rest of his life. To make a relationship last with a Scorpio, you will most likely need to steer clear of what he wants to accomplish. But in doing so, you will be heavily rewarded with many benefits.


He is sexual.

All that passion and romance doesn't just stop outside the bedroom. He is a passionate lover in the bedroom as well and isn't afraid to try some new things. While he will ensure that you are enjoying it too, he will be more turned on if you are open to doing things a little differently in the bedroom.


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