Women have just as much of a hard time understanding men as men do understanding women. There is often miscommunication, a difference in understanding, and a lack of knowing what makes the other one ticks. While women may never be able to fully understand men, there are things women should know about male that will make their interactions easier. If you are looking for help to try to better understand the guy in your life, this article will guide you to better understand him.

Things Women Should Know About Men


They have bigger brains.

Since men are typically bigger than women, their brains are bigger as well. This, however, does not mean they are smarter or better than their female counterparts. Their brains are bigger because they need the additional neurons to help control and manipulate their larger bodies.


They are not more unfaithful.

Men get a bad rep for being cheaters, but they are not more likely to cheat than a woman is. A man's libido may be more active than a woman's, but this doesn't mean they are going to be unfaithful every chance they get. Both men and women play the field to find the perfect mate and men with lower IQs tend to cheat on their partners.


All men were females once.

In the womb, all embryos are female first. It isn't until around 6 weeks that the Y chromosome is distributed and then determines if the embryo remains female or turns male. It may be argued then that men are more well rounded than women.


Men talk less.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, men just don't talk as much as women. Women tend to speak 5,000 more words in a day than men, but while they aren't saying much, they tend to lie a lot more. Men tend to lie on an average of about 6 times during their day while women tend to only lie about 2 times.


Men can have menstrual pains as well.

Things women should know about men is they can make a special bond with their partners. A man that has a strong bond with his female partner can experience regular menstruation pains like bloating, cramps, and headaches. This type of bonding men make with their partners can be shown when their partner is pregnant as well. Many men have admitted to feeling labor pains, like contractions, when their partner goes into labor.


Muscular men won't make you happier.

Yes, a super fit, toned and muscular man will be nice to look at, but they often won't make you happier. Men who are a little heavier tend to be happier individuals and therefore are better at making their woman happy as well. It should also be noted that most heavier men tend to last longer in the bedroom.


Men have shorter lives.

Even in infancy, male babies are more likely to die over female babies and men will tend to die younger. There are many reasons why this occurs. Men tend to bigger risk takers and tend to be placed under more stress than women. This combination puts a man's health and life in more danger than a woman's. On average, men will die five years before their female partner dies.


They need compliments too.

Men just like women want to feel attractive and wanted every once in a while. They need to be complimented and told they are attractive. It is a rare occasion where a man actually hears that he is attractive and when he does, it can be hard for him to believe since it happens so rarely, but they still need to hear it every once in a while, remember it ladies.


They want to fix everything.

One of the things women should know about men is they don't want to just fix things around the house. It can take a guy longer to understand that some women need to talk about their problems without finding a solution immediately for it.


They need their alone time.

It can be tiring and exhausting for a man to constantly play the strong reliable one in a relationship. Sometimes men need their alone time and quiet time to help recharge. It has nothing to do with you, most often they just need to be left alone.


It's not always about looks.

Yes, men are more visual than women and they can become more distracted when seeing something they like, but it isn't always about looks. A man who is looking for a serious relationship wants to have an actual connection with their partner that goes beyond just the physical and superficial thing. Looks play a role in the relationship but it isn't the only things they take into consideration.


You have to be straightforward.

As much as women would love their man to be able to read their lines or pick up on their subtle hints and clues, unfortunately, they won't. Unless you are blunt about what you want, you are going to find yourself disappointed every time. It there is a gift you would love, an event you want to go to, a restaurant you want to try, just come out and tell him.


Time seems to fly by.

Men tend to experience time differently than women. One of the odd but important things women should know about men is that time goes at a different speed for them. For men, time is constantly rushing by, while for women time seems to go much slower. Before you get upset about how long it has been since he's responded to your messages, you should remember, to them, it doesn't seem to be as long as it actually has been.


You're not that different.

Women may think, just as men may also believe, that they are complete opposites. In reality, men and women are more alike than they realize. They tend to like the same foods, activities, interests, although they communicate their likes differently. This is often why there is a lack of understandings.


He's just trying to impress you.

Once a man is interested in a woman, he goes out of his way to try to impress her. Many women fail to realize or see things in this manner, but it's true. Men will go to great lengths to get your approval, show his intelligence and prove that he can provide for you.


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